“Ancient Aliens: Mysterious Places” (Markawasi) Oct. 28, 2010

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Excerpted from Markawasi Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest . . . “to climb to the sacred mountain of Markawasi is a true magical and religious pilgrimage, because at the end of the sacred road lies the giant unfinished pyramid of this Andean Olympus, at whose top is the threshold of the celestial Gods – the shining hierophants, chief priests of the Eleusinian mysteries, or more appropriately, the sons of the Ray, Thunder and Lightening, the pre-Hispanic God of the Mountains of the Northern Andes.

In traditional literature the “shining ones” are always related with that which is unusual, singular, new, perfect or monstrous, becoming vessels of the magical forces, and, depending on the circumstances, revered or feared by the yearning of souls. In this central region of Peru the principal elements of worship are the Gods who control the annual seasons, bringing the waters, and subsequently the divinities of fertility. To step on the top of this pyramid is to satisfy secret longings, to join and breathe in divine space, to prove through the senses the existence of natural divinity full of rocky images, distributed like a celestial crown. Rational logic is challenged by way of historical footprints in one of the most difficult geographic areas on earth.

A rich pharmacopoeia of medicinal plants, the bounty of the mesa, provided the ancient healers remedy for physical and spiritual ailments. The man of Markawasi succeeded in dominating his inner being with technological knowledge, art and spirituality, in compliance with the gods and goddesses, for the purpose of managing the earth, the water, and time itself. Entering the mesa through any one of the six entrances is akin to arriving to an earthly paradise wherein soft morning breezes envelope like a sleep-induced cocoon, inviting one to supper with the celestial Gods. A tenuous drizzle welcomes the visitor with sparkling rays, sifting through the invisible realm, cleansing the soul.”

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Giving back is an ongoing theme in Peruvian culture. People make frequent “kintu” offerings to “Pachamama” mother earth. So it came as no surprise that on our recent journey that we would have an opportunity to give back. This was in the form of donations of clothing, shoes and gifts for the children of San Pedro.

The fact that we could see, touch and hear our benefactors was an amazing gift. The joy on the children’s faces as they selected new clothes and shoes, and stuffed their pockets with trinkets, crayons and stickers was heartwarming. Although we brought what we thought was a ton of stuff, we realized that we barely scratched the surface of the need. With 300 children in the village we could see that this couldn’t be a one-time donation. So, we decided to pool our talents, time and resources to send 300 pair of children’s shoes to the village. Our “Happy Feet” program has helped these children protect their feet from the rocky soil and winter cold. And since they outgrow them quickly, the shoes will be passed down from one child to another until the soles are worn through. There continues to be an ongoing need for school supplies and a computer was recently delivered to the school master, Jorge Luis Japayas, as well. If you are traveling to the stone forest, please consider assisting the villagers in any way that you can. Your good deed will not go unnoticed. Gracias!

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Rare and extraordinary Incan artifacts excavated at Machu Picchu, Peru, during the Hiram Bingham Expedition of 1912 under the Auspices of Yale University and the National Geographic Society, have returned to Peru after a 100 year sojourn. View the exhibit at La “Casa Concha” built in 1710 by Don Diego Concha y Salvatierra on the temple remains of Pucamarka, Tupac Inca Yupanqui Palace, Cusco, Peru.

Video: Mysterious Glitch

During the Broadcast Premiere of “The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru” televised nationally on The Documentary Channel a strange anomaly went out over the air at the exact moment the narration says THE WRONG DATE -1993, for the year Daniel Ruzo passed away.

Over the past four years I had assisted Bill Cote, the film’s director and editor, with the research for the production and was eager to view the film. Bill had fully captured the spirit of Markawasi through extraordinary footage, thought-provoking clues and mind-bending theories. A few days before the film was to debut on national television, Bill had sent me a final cut. At the end of the film, Daniel Ruzo was given a special tribute, an emphasis was placed on his date of death, 1993. This was incorrect! From earlier conversations I’d had with Daniel’s widow, I knew that Daniel had passed at the age of 91 in 1991. However, the master had already been sent to the television station with the incorrect date.

Before Bill could make the change the film debuted to a worldwide audience. In the exact moment that the narrator voiced “1993” the televised copy flashed an intense pink that covered Daniel’s entire face. It was seen by millions of viewers worldwide. The anomaly did not appear on the master that I’d recieved with the incorrect date, only the televised version. Bill quickly re-mastered the film with the corrected date of 1991.

If you observe the televised clip closely, you’ll see a strange electronic glitch appears precisely at the moment that the 1993 date was voiced. For many years, electronic anomalies have been reported by travelers to Markawasi who have experienced equipment malfunction. Perhaps Daniel himself was exerting his will across the ethers to set the record straight?

– Kathy Doore