The Peruvian Ica Stones Curator



The Legacy of Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea
Curator of the Engraved Stones of Ica

by Kathy Doore

The gifted gentleman and legendary Ica Stones researcher, Dr. Javier Cabrera, M.D., succumbed to a long bout with cancer on December 30, 2001. Born 1924 in the beautiful desert city of Ica Peru, he was the direct descendant of the noble Spaniard Captain Don Geronimo Luis de Cabrera y Toledo, who founded Ica in 1563. A physician and head of the Preventive Medicine Department of the Felix Torrealva Gutierrex hospital, Dr. Cabrera founded the medical school of Ica National University, and was awarded “Favorite Son of Ica City,” in 1988.

For more then 40 years, Javier Cabrera studied the Engraved Stones of Ica collecting more then 11,000 stones from the parched Peruvian desert for his private museum. Decoding the message of the stones became his life’s work. Although his theories flew in the face of modern archaeology, the doctor never failed to share his findings with interested parties, and opened his museum to the public.

This highly enigmatic collection depicts an ancient, unknown humanity, which the doctor termed “gliptolithic man.” Shown are medical procedures including organ transplants, anesthesia, and different types of surgery. Astronomy and the geography of the hemispheres of ancient earth were shown including the arrangement of ancient (lost) continents. Journeys through space were detailed along with descriptions of the Pampa de Nasca (Nazca Lines) as a spaceport. Simple activities of daily life tell of ancient man living concurrent with the dinosaur.

About the authenticity of the stones, NASA scientist, Josef F. Blumrich (who developed and designed the Saturn V rocket and participated in the design of Skylab) remarked, ” I am deeply impressed by what I have seen here, and I am happy to have found so much direct evidence of what I began to feel and understand before. There is not doubt in my mind about the authenticity of these stones.” – April 29, 1974

Considered a courageous, dignified, and thoughtful man by those who knew him, Dr. Cabrera never wavered in his belief that one day the world would come to understand, perhaps even accept, the ancient message of the stones. He is survived by his seven children.


Javier Cabrera Darquea, M.D.
(1924 – 2001)