The Light Beam Photos
November 8, 2003 Harmonic Concordance

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A friend sent this incredible photo taken on the night of the lunar eclipse, November 8, 2003. I believe the photos are authentic and will post details as they become available. The light phenomenon was witnessed in the sky by hundreds of people the night of November 8th, it was reported on Radio and TV stations from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. I encourage you to check this out for yourself. Here is the story, as told by my friend, a Minister from New Mexico.

“Saturday Nov. 8th (2003) at about 10:40 PM (MST) a friend of mine from church school was riding a bus from California to New Mexico. This was the night of the eclipse and the Harmonic Concordance. When the bus was somewhere between Holbrook, AZ and the NM state line, a huge flash of light lit up the sky. It appeared to be an incredibly intense beam that came from the sky to the earth. It was bright enough that the Air Force scrambled its fighters thinking there had been an explosion of some kind. The light lasted about ten minutes. My friend’s bus stopped as the light was “hitting” the freeway and the driver did not want to drive through it, other vehicles pulled over as well. Everyone got off of the bus, and my friend took two pictures of the light. Other than it being a very strange beam of light, she did not notice anything unusual about it until she got the developed photos back on Monday.”

Original Two Photos

November 8, 2003 – Photos 1 and 2



Another set of photos have appeared taken near Mexico City. They are nearly identical to the Arizona/New Mexico photos posted except that they have much more resolution, and defined feet. The fact that duplicate images have been found does not invalidate the photos posted above, on the contrary, it proposes a much greater mystery — That the same identical projected images have been recorded at another time, and witnessed by many different people. This is not the first time such a phenomenon has taken place. Similar instances have been recorded for the past 100 years. Don’t forget, something unusual was witnessed in the sky over New Mexico on November 8th, and reported to the local media by several hundred people. on Nov. 8th.


Something remarkable happened that night, but what was it?
And will it happen again?

Update! Has it happened again?

October 10, 2005 – Yet another photo has appeared, this time in Texas near the Mexican border and looking very similar to the Mexican photo above, but where is the second photo? The others all arrived in two’s. Once again the photographer does not want to come forward. The newly discovered photo was reported by the Fountain of Living Waters Church, as reported in the Valley Morning Star.


Signs and Wonders ~ “At the Fountain of Living Waters Church in San Juan, Texas, the walls vibrate with exuberant singing, the buzz of a band, and something more intangible. Something like hope. And to think it all started with a picture, which many church members believed to show the image of Jesus. Although Sara Garcia said her sister knows the woman who took the photo, and that she supposedly took the picture one March evening in McAllen, no one seems to be able to identify the photographer. Villarreal said he’s been told the photographer doesn’t wish to speak to the media.”


A series of so-called “Jesus in the Cloud” photos, similar to the above, have
been taken by dozens of people over a period of 70 + years.


The Road Less Traveled

Might these collective images represent a kind of metaphor for humanity, a projection with the intent of triggering that which lies dormant within our own psyche? As referenced in gnostic literature, Jesus was often used as metaphor for our own “inner pilot”, a self-guided function of wisdom attainment. If taken in this vein we are here propelled into our own personal journey of reflection. We are asked to contemplate our deepest held convictions, ideologies and truths, those illusions we hold so dear. The myriad phenomena as related in sacred text, may well have been designed exactly for this purpose — as direct intervention to provoke a response, elevate our gnosis.