The Healing Stones of Ica Peru



The Healing Stones of Ica
Time Coded Capsules of the Ancients

by Robert Peters for ©

Robert Peters shares his unique experiences with the Ica stones while visiting Dr. Cabrera and the Ica Stone Museum in October of 2000. This is his story.

“In April 1999, when a friend and frequent traveler to Peru handed me an Ica Stone she carries which was given to her by Dr. Cabrera, I knew I must journey there and view these stones for myself. I’ve always felt a rapport with the “stone people” and all of nature as well. With the Ica Stone I felt a vibration of love, wisdom, and power higher than anything I had ever felt before in nature. It was a sense of communion and rapture that was inviolable and indestructible. My desire was more than fulfilled in October 2000 when I traveled to Peru.” – R. P.

Robert’s journey begins …

It’s October 2000, and here I am traveling in Peru on a 3-week adventure with the same person who first showed me the Ica Stone. I’m with a group of 24 others who feel like spiritual family to me. On the third to last day of our trip, we toured Dr. Javier Cabrera’s museum in Ica. Dr. Cabrera captivated us for hours with lectures and tours of the ancient enigmatic “carved stones” in his private museum. At one point while Dr. Cabrera was “show and telling”, my camcorder began making a humming sound that I’d never heard before. My battery was fully charged and the equipment operational but suddenly, all went dark. Then, as I looked in the viewfinder a small flickering light appeared, just like an old-time silent movie. That’s when things got really bizarre.

Various shapes and symbols became visible and moved about on the screen. I watched in amazement as electronic imagery played out before my eyes. My friend quickly looked into the lens and stated matter-of-factly, “They’re giving you a transmission. Look at it with your left eye so it goes into your right brain.” And so I did. The unusual images continued for several minutes in a strange display of otherworldly communication. It felt to me as if I was beholding a secret cosmic drama while receiving an initiation at the same time.

The final scene showed a “being” beckoning me to enter a doorway, as if inviting me to go “down the rabbit hole”, and just like Alice, I went in! At once I felt “out of body”, and was drawn into another dimension. Then the flickering stopped, and my camcorder went dark. All returned to normal.

Soon afterward our visit came to an end. We said our good-byes and continued on to the seaside resort of Paracas for the evening.

That night I had a dream …

In the astral state I returned to the Museum and came to rest before two stones sitting next to one another on a shelf. I reached for them. Holding a stone in each hand I began receiving a transmission – a huge download of energy and information. I felt the stones were calling out to me, and the emotion was very powerful. An odd sound was discernible, like the sound of many voices combined with wind blowing at high speed. Then I was sitting before Dr Cabrera in his office, conversing. As we spoke with each other, I felt our hearts open with a mutual deep knowing. A oneness shared.

I woke up! My pillow was wet, and my eyes and face were wet with tears. I’d been crying in my sleep.

Feeling overwhelmed and compelled to return to the Museum, I arranged for transportation the next morning and hired a local interpreter to accompany me back. Fortunately the doctor was available to receive me, he remembered me from the previous day and cordially invited me in.

I began to tell him my dream. We spoke warmly with each other, just like in my dream. At last I said:

“The reason I returned was to tell you of my dream last night, and to ask you if I may become the caretaker of the two stones I saw. I feel I must share them with special people and tell them about your work.” I exclaimed excitedly. He motioned for me to go ahead of him, to the other room, where the stones were housed.

I went directly to the two stones and held them up, so he could clearly see them. As he approached me, I held out the stones to him. He slowly placed his hands over the stones, pausing silently as he looked at me, then he said, “these are yours.”

Deeply touched, I thanked him profusely. He smiled, then spent the next hour showing me many of the hidden rooms not on the public tour, row upon row of fantastic carved imagery! As our visit came to an end and I prepared to depart, I said, “would you like to say goodbye to the stones before I go?” Just as before, he held his hands over the stones while looking thoughtfully at me, and said, “No. Whether they are with me or with you, it is the same.”

I’ll never forget that moment.


In February 2002 the stones and I enjoyed quite a few adventures together. Here, in no particular order, are some of my observations. The two stones seem to be a matched pair holding male-female polarities in a dynamic, harmonic balance. The “star” stone is more masculine. The “ET face” stone more feminine. Together, they seem to hold the full spectrum of frequencies – yin-yang, above-below, within-without. However, this is not a rigid absolute as they each also seem complete and whole. A positive note for male-female relationships, completion with communion.

The “star” stone looks like a seven-pointed star with a human face, with possible connections to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Dr. Cabrera writes of the Ica-Pleiades connection in his book. I believe, too, that the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays (sometimes known as the “Great White Brotherhood” and/or Elohim) may also have association with the enigma. The cross-hatch screen pattern on the forehead of the star (over the third eye) indicates clairvoyant abilities. The screen is literally a “screening device” which both concentrates and refines the incoming energy, so that only truth prevails. Looking at the star stone sideways, the “nose” can be seen as a male lingam penetrating the womb, which is shaped like a vesica piscis. The “mouth” is then the back of the cervix, and the eyes the testicles. Divine-human “intercourse” in all forms is empowered and facilitated by this stone including channeling and use of solar energy, star energy, kundalini and other energies of various kinds. The source is pure, versatile and inexhaustible.

The “ET face” stone features large ears shaped like leaves, the cross-hatch pattern on these ears indicate clairaudient abilities with screening properties, which is borne out by personal experience. This stone has a flat surface on the face and fits perfectly on the forehead over the third eye. A continual stream of power, wisdom, love and bliss streams through this stone into the one working with it. Both stones are empathic, and highly relational. They are tuned in to the handler, giving him what is needed most while interacting with him as well.

The stones are gregarious and enjoy going to spiritual gatherings as well as more hedonistic affairs; as such, they help heal the false split between “spirit” and “matter” (ie. sensual).

No matter who handles them they always come back to me the same, untainted. They never need cleansing or reprogramming like many crystals do. Their vibration is of the highest order I’ve encounted in a material object.

An authentic Ica Stone is a hologram of the entire stone library, both those in the Museum and also those still in the earth. When touched, you may enjoy full access to the library at will. The same holographic communion may be possible from viewing photographs of the stones; hence, the value of this website and of Dr. Cabrera’s book, for those who have not touched the stones directly.


Reports of unusual energetic phenomena have often been associated with the Ica Stones. Josep Serenguet releases the above photos taken in 1998 at the Ica Stone Museum office revealing a form of dematerialization and frequency displacement, NOT caused by photographic double exposure.

A few noteworthy experiences from others who’ve handled the stones

One woman placed them in her jeans and felt a warm sensation, then she cried out, “Oh my God! They’re healing my ovaries.” I tactfully avoided asking for details, but later heard that she had a healing experience. A man in a group process experienced feelings of being blocked or emotionally isolated from his desire to see the “light.” I placed the ET face stone on his forehead and moved the Star face over various parts of his body. I was able to track his energy as various dark obstructions dissipated allowing his energy body to became a tube of streaming light. His experience agreed with mine as we later compared notes. Dozens of others have reported various experiences of triggering, healing, activation, and initiation in association with the Stones. A common theme is that the stones meet you wherever you most need them, and they facilitate your movement to higher vibration, the highest and best use of your energy.

Dr. Cabrera’s theory of origin maintains that the stones are the work of a previous unknown humanity which he termed “gliptolithic man,” originating from the Pleiades. The stones themselves may be up to 185 million years old. Barbara Hand Clow, in her excellent book Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes, states that they “may be the library of a people at the peak of their evolution circa 15,000 to 10,500 B.C., who were masters of the classic forbidden arts” (p. 174). Personally, I feel no need to decide which view is more accurate as they may indeed be complementary. I agree with Ms. Clow that, “The Ica stones are ancient, they cannot possibly be fakes, and they are one of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time.” (p. 173)

An ancient Stone Library
left by a space-faring civilization.

Dr. Javier Cabrera’s
The Message of the Engraved
Stones of Ica