The Harmonic Concordance 2003


The Harmonic Concordance 2003
Venus Transits 2004 & 2012

MATA KI TE RANI translated as eyes looking at heaven
Easter Island Moai during The Venus Transit June 8, 2004

Ahu Naunau Moai at Anakena Beach June 8, 2004

The legends of Easter Island say that Hotu Matua came first came ashore here at Anakena Beach. Excavations of the site have confirmed that it had been occupied for a very long time. The current ahu is built upon the remains of several others and the same precise stone work is found in the buried ahu as that of Ahu Vinapu, known for its “Inka style” stonework, and the precision of the Moai at Ahu NauNau, at Anakena Beach. Thor Heyerdahl, the famous Norwegian explorer, put forth a theory that South Americans colonized, or at least were present on Easter Island, and influenced the culture. As for why the Rapa Nui began putting the pukao (hats) on selected moai remains a mystery. Heyerdahl, referring to the mysterious red-headed race concluded that the hats simply represented topknots of red hair. The precisely chiseled facial features with long ears and thin lips, and carved backs on the Ahu Naunau statues, were to a degree not seen at other sites. This Ahu suggests an event of great importance.

In his book, Heaven’s Mirror, Graham Hancock suggests that Easter Island may once have been a significant scientific outpost of an antediluvian civilization and that its location had extreme importance in a planet-spanning, mathematically precise grid of sacred sites, connecting Easter Island directly with Machu Picchu, Nazca, Angkor Wat, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. He writes, “The very existence of such an ancient world grid has been staunchly resisted by mainstream archaeologists and historians – as, of course, have all attempts to relate known sites to it. Nevertheless, the definite traces of lost astronomical knowledge that are to be seen on Easter Island, and the recurrent echoes of ancient Egyptian spiritual and cosmological themes, cast doubt on the scholarly explanation that the odd name ‘Navel of the World’ was adopted for purely ‘poetic and descriptive’ reasons. We suspect that Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua may originally have been selected for settlement, and given its name, entirely because of its geodetic location.” “What we are suggesting therefore is that Easter Island might have originally have been settled in order to serve as a sort of geodetic beacon, or marker – fulfilling some as yet unguessed at function in an ancient global system of sky-ground co-ordinates that linked many so-called ‘world navels’”.

The Venus Transit
Enlightened Preparation for the Shifting of the Ages

“The Venus Transit is not just another one in a number of global meditations that for different reasons have been proposed in recent years. Rather, previous ones, most notably the Harmonic Convergence and the Harmonic Concordance may be regarded as preparatory for the Oneness Celebration, the Venus Transit of June 8, 2004. This will carry the major breakthrough in the development of a new telepathic field on planet Earth, and the co-creation of this is a pre-requisite for attaining the Enlightened State or Oneness by the time the next in this pair of Venus transits occurs again in 2012, on June 6th. For all those wanting to help birth Gaia harmonica, the new harmonious Global Brain, the Oneness Celebration is the time to do it.”
Carl Johan Calleman, author, The Mayan Calendar.

“I, Simon Morris, went to Easter Island in November 2003 at the time of the Harmonic Concordance–a celestial event identified by the Mayans when six planets form the Star of David and align with a Full Lunar Eclipse. We returned with the most amazing footage from November 8th–hundreds of pulsating, diamond-shaped Crystal Lights in the sky taken during the exact moment of the Harmonic Concordance while our group was in Meditation.” ~ Simon Morris. The above video is a recording of an event that took place on November 8, 2003 at Easter Island, filmed by Simon Morris. It has been shown to the College of Psychic Studies in London and verified by two BBC film labs. The film runs in real time, with No Effects, Dust or Light Refraction added. The eye of Simon Morris’s camera ‘saw’ the incredible crystal shower, as the group (including Simon) lay meditating on the ground with eyes closed. (All the moai have had their eyes removed, preventing them from imparting their gaze.) The message is clear–humanity will only find clues by seeking outward, our true knowing will come from within. It is time for us to rely on our own eyes–all three of them, to see the secrets of our ancient history, and to remember who we really are.

Easter Island, at the Exact Time of The Harmonic Concordance, our little band of pilgrims had made the journey to this tiny, mysterious place driven by a visionary experience that had taken place two years earlier, involving an unexpected return of the gods. At that time no one had heard of the Harmonic Concordance–the astrological event that took place November 8th 2003 involving 6 planets that formed a 6-pointed star; this geometric shape is often called the Star of David, and the Seal of Solomon, but perhaps most significantly, it is the yantra or symbol of the heart chakra. In this role it symbolises the meeting of Heaven and Earth coming together in the center of our being – our hearts- which are the homes of the soul. These 6 planets–the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron, would form two trines (triangles), one in the feeling, intuitive, feminine, watery signs of the zodiac and the other in the sensate–if I can’t see it, it does exist, Earthy signs.

This most unusual astrological event came together with a total lunar eclipse that heralded the opening of a portal which could enable us all to access and experience our own Divinity. On our way to Easter Island we met with a student and friend of José Arguelles, interpreter of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and facilitator of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, who told us that the event on November the 8th would be like a shower of crystals coming down to earth. He added that the most powerful place on the planet to experience the energy of the lunar eclipse would be 25 miles of the coast of Easter Island.

The lost continent of Lemuria, the land of Mu, is a place that history has nearly forgotten. Beneath the rolling seas lie the mysteries of forgotten civilizations swept by the tides, half buried by the sands, worn away by terrific pressure are the remnants of a culture little known to our age. Where the mighty Pacific now sweeps majestically for thousands of miles, there was once a vast continent known as Mu, and its people the LeMUrians. The legend lives on in the mythology of Hindus and Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and American Indians.

According to the clairvoyant investigations of the late C.W. Leadbeater, we have all lived on the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis in past lives. Their inhabitants, lives, and environments were described in the writings of Plato, Blavatsky, and others. California and the West Coast of the United States were once part of this vast continent of Lemuria as was the Hawaiian Islands, and Easter Island. From early times, legends and myths have circulated about these places linking them with an ancient, forgotten people, and a great sunken continent.

What do the strange towering effigies of Easter Island reveal about an ancient civilization swept from the face of the earth? The last vestiges of Mu (the Mother Land) are present today in our soul memory, and in our hearts reawakening.