“In Search Of”
with Leonard Nimoy

The Great Lakes Triangle

“In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy, Season 3, Episode 8: The Great Lakes Triangle featured investigatives efforts by scientists and psychics to discover the mysterious forces around the Great Lakes that have caused more air and sea disasters than the Bermuda Triangle. The program first aired November 2, 1978, three months after our dramatic incident on Lake Michigan in the early summer of 1978. We would not learn of the program until 33 years later in 2011, when we told our story to William Shatner on “Weird or What?” — the Lake Michigan Triangle fog.


Leonard Nimoy interviews author/pilot Jay Gourley, who speculates that the many disasters along or near the “agonic line” — where magnetic north and TRUE north are exactly the same, are where an abundance of disappearances of air and sea craft occur including the tragic destruction of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and the disappearance of Northwest Airlines flight 2501, among others.

Gourley goes on to describe cases of mysterious “seiche waves” appearing without wind consuming craft in a boiling abyss, and Chippawas Legends of the “great sturgeon” that ensnares ships with a flick of its tail taking them to their watery grave. Investigations have shown many aircraft that simply fall from the sky while in clear air, with no sign of structural or engineering problem with the aircraft.

Gourley goes on to explain partiular areas of destruction, and how the “agonic line” further compounds the mystery, pointing to many theories of the unexplained including vortices, magnetic earthquakes, iron ore deposits, and the oft sighted appearance of UFOs in the same area and at same time of reported devastation.

A Mysterious Fog

Lake Michigan Triangle2

“Early summer 1978, a perfect night for a sail with 7-10 knot winds, flat seas,
and as it was mid-week, we had the lake to ourselves,…”

William Shatner’s ‘Weird or What’ Lake Michigan Fog
Production still filmed in Palm Beach Florida for William Shatner’s “Weird or What”? Season 2, Episode 6,
“The Lake Michigan Triangle Fog” aired October 24-30, 2011, HISTORY TV, Canada. Segment includes additional appearances by Pilot, Bruce Gernon (electronic fog), and David Hatcher Childress (ancient aliens theory).