The Divine Grid
A Visual and Harmonic Data Base

Computer Enhanced Graphics
by Marlantis Research

The Divine Grid is an ancient means of navigation utilizing image icons placed visually in totem fashion wherein the position of the icon has a specific purpose as well as meaning. Decoding hidden images requires basic visual tools and a good software program (Adobe Photoshop & others) ~ key to extracting the code.

Visual communication varies from 2-D to 3-D hologram involving frequencies and harmonics designed for those with trained sight to share a means of communication. It is a “visual and harmonic data base,” to be treated with respect and slowly approached with caution. If misused, or misread, it can create false hope and/or panic.

For eons humans have cultivated the ability of communicating inner-realms visually by utilizing various forms of expression such as rock art. Code dynamics are a means of conveying information in the same manner as we would hold a map or atlas. It is a navigational system capable of monitoring the status of celestial and terrestrial related phenomena, as example, ancient flying craft utilized grid codes to lock onto coordinates allowing arrival at certain physical destinations.

It is the opinion of this researcher that the Divine Grid is a tightly held secret that has always been in plain view and incorporated in all ancient language and visual systems.

Learning to read the code is the technique of seeing with three eyes. By leaning how to decode the living Earth, optimum results are best reached when high-intent and selflessness is employed. Be advised the code may cause unexpected emotional states and open communication with other dimensions beyond our own. Delving into this study can unleash a full range of emotions.

It is easy to misread results or to project personal agendas, one is advised to be objective and keep a positive mind. If emotional conflict is present (or in any way negativity pervades), it is recommended to cease the study and ground oneself before continuing. One should expect disbelief or disinformation from others who seek to control information or who are incapable of coping with the dynamic.

Marlantis research warns that the code may be become addictive. Why? We were designed to be competitive and to enjoy solving puzzles.

Marlantis Research provides this prospectus for the purpose of Peace.

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