The Art of Dowsing



Everyone is born with the capability to dowse. Remember when your grandfather “witched” for water with a forked stick? That was dowsing, but dowsing is not just limited to finding water as many people assume, one can learn to detect the energy of the land as well as the human aura.

Many people are skeptical about dowsing until they try it for themselves but nearly one quarter of all adults will obtain the dowsing reaction immediately open trying it. It’s simple and easy to learn. You may have to practice for awhile before you achieve a level of proficiency but nearly everyone will gain some mastery given time and perseverance, and children are almost universally, natural dowsers.

Dowsing will take you as far as your sensitivity will allow. As soon as you develop confidence in your dowsing you automatically begin to develop psychically. A description of dowsing or “divining” as it is otherwise called, is the ancient art “of locating something by using sensory means other than the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.”

Dowsing tools, such as Pendulums and L- Rods, can be used by almost anyone with a good degree of success. Very sensitive people or those who have dowsed for some time can feel an “energetic perception” directly within their body, this is known as “deviceless dowsing” using only intuitive psychic ability.

Your mind is your only limitation:

Dowsing works by picking up sensitivities from the “collective unconscious.” The pendulum is a subtle device that links ones “limited thinking mind’ with the “unlimited universal mind” allowing access to information from invisible realms beyond the five senses. We should realize however, that the pendulum doesn’t contain any hidden powers any more than a pencil or a pen; it is only a tool.

The pendulum’s contact with our body acts as a “witness device” – something which has been in physical contact with us. This physical contact establishes a psychometric relationship between person and object; a sympathetic attraction once created may endure for unlimited time.

It is recommended to clear your dowsing instruments from time to time to neutralize these energetic emanations; cleansing dowsing tools can be done in a number of ways including immersion in a jar of seasalt overnight.


Instructions for Pendulums Dowsing:

If you don’t already own a pendulum begin by making one of your own. Any evenly weighted object will work as a pendulum, in fact a wedding band makes an excellent pendulum. Simply tie a thread to the band so that it acts as a swing, a pendulum.

To hold your pendulum properly arch the wrist so that the thread is clasped between the forefinger and the thumb so that it can have a direct drop. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by phones, kids, or noises. Take a few deep cleansing breaths and visualize yourself connected to the earth through your feet, which are placed firmly on the ground beneath you. This is called grounding and centering yourself. Tune into your higher-self, your own unique divinity.

You can start a slight oscillation artificially if you want to overcome inertia, then let the natural force take over the pendulum’s motion. The body acts as a magnet, it has a positive and negative side. Avoid neutralization, do not cross your hands or feet from one side to another while dowsing.

Ask to see your “yes” signal. For most people this is a front to back swing similar to the yes nod of your head. Then ask to see your “no” signal which is generally from right to left, as if nodding your head no. Ask to see your “maybe” signal, this will be different from the other two signals, perhaps a circular motion

Techniques often do vary from person to person. There is no absolute right way. You customize it to your liking. Not everyone’s code is the same, ascertain yours then stick to it. Always check your code before each session to make sure it hasn’t changed, as it sometimes does!

To determine if conditions are right for dowsing, use your pendulum to ask your higher-self the following questions: “shall I dowse?” “may I dowse?” “can I dowse?” If you receive a no to any of these questions it is best to stop and try again later. Your frame of mind and emotional state is important to your ability to dowse effectively. It is not recommended that you dowse when you are feeling ill or upset. If you must, have someone else dowse for you during these times.

To avoid the possibility of auto suggestion you may want to close your eyes when starting an experiment. Try testing foods. The pendulum should gyrate positively over “good for you” and negatively for the opposite. Be careful to place food in a clean neutral place. Many people dowse for optimum health, good foods, vitamins etc.

Dowsing – Phrasing the Question:

Break it into parts so it can be answered by a yes, no, or maybe. Be very clear and literal in your wording as a single word can change the meaning.

Hold the question firmly in your mind. Remember the universal law “energy follows thought.” Make sure your thoughts are clear and accurate.

Writing down both the questions and then the answer can be helpful. Accept your original answer; repeatedly asking the same question is saying in effect that you did not like the first one so you are asking for another chance.

Get the full answer to the first question before you go on to the next question. It is a good idea to halt your pendulum before continuing.

If you are concerned you are inserting conscious thinking into an answer have someone else dowse it for you. Personal questions for you and those close to you are where this is most apt to happen. Begin with mundane questions and build up to the more important questions over time. Practice often for best results.

Learn how to recognize when you are becoming tired. Detoxify yourself after a long session by washing your hands, taking a bath in sea-salt or taking a walk in nature. If you are a gardner, this is a wonderful way to ground oneself. Be sure to dowse for need not greed and you will be most successful. Remember all life is sacred and do no harm, that which you give comes back to you. And finally, remain humble and give thanks.