Join Kathy Doore and friends for a magical journey to Peru!

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The Peruvian Andes Journey
Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, 8 Day

Lake Titicaca Journey
Doorway of Amaru Muru, Uros Islands Cruise, Raqchi Temple of Viracocha and Puno, 4 Days

Markawasi Journey
Markawasi trek, San Pedro Village, Miraflores, Lima, 4 Days

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Welcome Fellow Travelers,

Join us for Peru! Journey of the Masters . . . we will have the opportunity to be in sacred space during the September equinox as we experience extraordinary heartfelt moments in Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas continuing on to Lake Titicaca, and the Markawasi stone forest. Please join us for our next magical journey to the land of the Inca embarking on our third decade to Peru.

We begin preparations long before stepping-foot upon foreign soil with thoughtful communication and insightful advice, creating ayni the Incan custom of sharing and reciprocity, and “allyu” the Andean concept of mindful community. We begin our journey together moving in a relaxed, focused manner, connecting deeply with the spirit and energy of this exceptional land and its people.

Our physical journey begins as we rendezvous for our first night together in Cusco, continuing on to the Sacred Valley of the Incas for exploration. A stunning trip by rail takes us to the fabled Lost City of the Inca, out-of-this-world Machu Picchu, before returning to Cusco with its enigmatic colossal stone temples. We continue overland by way of Raqchi–Temple of Viracocha, for those staying on. Arriving at Mama Cocha–mother lake Titicaca, ancient home of the fabled Solar Disc, said to have hung in the doorway at Puerta de Hayu Marca, before cruising to the Uros floating reed islands. A sojourn through the mysteries of Markawasi will conclude our sojourn before departing for home from Peru’s coastal waterfront community of Miraflores–a trendy seaside suburb of Lima. Independent travel is available for those who’d like to arrive early, or stay late, visiting a myraid of ancient sites in Peru.

Our trip is fully escorted with a bilingual guide that includes all accommodations, many meals, transportation for all scheduled events, admission to all sites including Machu Picchu and Markawasi, plus special visits with local shaman’s and Andean medicine people. Passage for this journey is limited on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us with your request to confirm your participation, or reserve your place now by making a deposit by credit card, below. The trip deposit will immediately confirm your participation in our upcoming journey.

To get an idea of the tempo of our trips, read comments and testimonials from recent guests. Trust your inner guidance, and join us for this remarkable journey.

Bless and best wishes,

Kathy Doore
Author, “Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest”



Nestled in the high Andes of Peru is a storied land where ancient civilizations once flourished. Today colonial seaside communities sprawl amidst green, bustling plaza’s, and sidewalk café’s buzz with tourists within sight of ancient, pre-Columbian pyramid mounds. A spectacular hours’ flight over the Andes reveals the Sacred City of Cuzco (meaning “navel of the earth”), sprawling out amidst ancient stone temples, and sacred huacas. At the center of the city, radiating starburst-like from the “Temple of the Sun,” are Incan “ceques” – shrines (both natural and man-made), pathways and pilgrimage routes uniting the four quarters of Tahuantinsuyu, the Incan Empire. Ancient legends morph into mind-bending architectural reality.

Soaring pyramids seize the sky and intricately-cut grandiose boulders the size of houses, zigzag lightening-bolt style across the altiplano in a serpentine, rocky maze. This is the ancient fortress temple, Sacsayhuaman. A nearby giants’ bath directs rushing waters air-born, unfazed for eons, source unknown. Staying here, hacienda-style elegance welcomes us with comfort as kaleidoscope gardens caress our senses. From the gourmet kitchens, mouth-watering, flavorful fare tempts the palate. Evenings, one gazes heavenward, star-struck, awestruck, bedazzled!

Continuing our journey a spectacular panoramic rail ride glides us clickety-clack, like an old woman’s well-worn heels. Semi-tropical valleys and soaring peaks rise skyward above the serpentine river, below. We arrive at the heart center of Machu Picchu where one receives “the extraordinary gift” a legacy of Spirit. For those with the heart to truly know, the higher-vibrational “Crystal City of Light” bestows mysterious bounty! We descend from high atop Machu Picchu along 16 stony points of perfection conveying pure waters enveloping the Sanctuary, and we explore! Here the ancients offered rites of purification, transformation, and cleansing, amid crystal-laden alcoves–kundalini generators, while smooth stone provide perfect repose for appreciating Apus.  Everywhere, velvety peaks plunge deep into soft, green valleys enveloping us, and the rocky escarpment overflows with life, providing profound and duly honored Sanctuary. Be awed!

Journying along the Rio Vilconata southward through the Sacred Valley one sights rare bubbling mineral-salts. Rising up and out of the mountain, springs form, crystallizing and purifying this earth temple called Salinas, Maras. At Ollantaytambo narrow alleyways twine in and out of the rocky domain where holy fountains, hewn from solid stone, reflect heaven’s ladder, a vertical achievement. Stone altars play hide-go-seek with shadow and light. The Valley’s days are lit by strong sun, and the nights by brilliant stars. This is Peru’s “little Venice,” whose founding fathers emerged with mystic connection to the stars, the Gods. Divinely engineered, this earthly counterpart of the Milky Way, literally heaven on Earth, was for the Incas (sons of the Sun), home.

We continue onward to the light portals of Lake Titicaca’s Puerta de Hayu Marka, known as the doorway of the Amaru Meru, before continuing to the inexplicable stone forest, Markawasi. This is Peru.

Come, join us!


Tour Guide Vicky Canqui

Our dear friend Vicky was born at the lovely place of water, Lake Titicaca. Here the Aymara and Quechua wisdom come together where beautiful white-crowned mountains decorate marvelous landscapes along the shores of Q’ocha Mama. Vicky takes great pleasure in sharing her Andean heritage, her beloved Pachamama, and Q’ocha Mama (mother Lake) with those drawn to her shores, sharing her knowledge and the oral traditions of her homeland.

“My mother’s grandmother was a healer from a small Quechua community, Tiquillaca, near Lake Titicaca. She gave me the gift of health after medical doctors could find no cure. She passed her knowledge on to my mother, and then me, teaching how to heal using native plants and incense for blessing and cleansing houses of their heavy energies. She taught the use of special ceremonies to care for livestock. My mother raised sheep, cows and llamas in the highlands where only ichu grass would grow, and I grew up helping her care for the animals and learning the old knowledge. I had interest in participating in the ancient ceremonies and learning the spiritual practices of the Andes, the knowledge and history’s of animals, spirits and souls, and the Apus (protectors of the place). As a young girl I developed visionary skills and the ability to communicate with the spirit world, just as my grandmother had done. I also learned how to assist the souls who would ask for release from the earth-bound world. After completing my college education, I began my professional life as a tour guide, assisting others in awakening their Andean dream. I invite you to journey with me.” ~ Vicky

Vicky has traveled with us for many years and brings her special gifts and insight to our journey.


Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Andes Journey

Our sojourn begins with arrival to the city of Cusco, home to temple sites of the Inca Sun Temple (Koricancha) and the Machu Picchu Artifacts museum Casa Concha, Sacsayhuaman, Tambo Machay, and Kenko. Nearby, we explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas–Pisac, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, with the Salinas salt pans of Maras and the terraces of Moray, and not to forget the exceptional Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. We are mindful of the pace, and move thoughtfully with the energy having plenty of leisure time for inner and, outer exploration.



Giant Rock Figures reach across the rocky escarpment in a land where the Gods have turned into stone, and siblings of the Sun dance for days on end . . . the LEGEND comes alive. This place exists!


Giant Rock Figures reach across the rocky escarpment in a land where the Gods have turned into stone, and siblings of the Sun dance for days on end . . . the LEGEND comes alive. This place exists!

Rising majestically 12,800 feet above the world on the western Andean ridge, the Markawasi stone forest crowns the Pacific coastline. Sprawling below lies the city of Lima, Peru. The three-mile long tabletop mesa is punctuated with massive carved effigies, including curious replicas of unknown human races and long-extinct animals. Among the effigies may be found mind-boggling images of winged sphinxes, elephants, camels and animals unknown to this Age and continent. With its sixteen carved faces of the Races of Man, the massive Monument to Humanity distinguishes itself as the most spectacular and prominent structure dominating this ancient scene.

Considered to be one of Peru’s little known treasures among passionate travelers to the Andes, Markawasi provides a superb introduction to a poignant mystery. Following the route presented by author Kathy Doore in her book, “Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest”, our expedition begins with an ascent from the village of San Pedro by foot and horseback along winding trails through diverse ecosystems to the high plateau of Markawasi. Dazzling summits greet visitors where they are confronted by the heart of a Mystery–the colossal 80-foot Peca Gasha, with its sixteen carved faces, a monument to humanity.

A full day trek allows for intimate investigation at an easy stride surrounded by soaring peaks, nurtured in the womb of a granite cathedral. The mind is invigorated, the body rejuvenated, and the soul revitalized.

Providing unfettered private access to the ancient landscape, our experienced mountain crew, dedicated to the conservation and spiritual maintenance of this impressive site, share their genuine hospitality and intrinsic knowledge of the magnificent stone acropolis, Markawasi.

Come explore!