Ancient Wisdom Teaching of the Andes

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley
Lake Titicaca, Mirafores (Lima) and the Markawasi Stone Forest

Kathy Doore hosts a yearly sojourn to the ancient sacred sites of the Peruvian Andes. She is a writer and publisher, and a tour leader. Twenty years ago during a late night visit within the inner sanctum of Machu Picchu, Kathy was catapulted headlong into a world of intrigue and mystery, suffered the shamanic death: the spontaneous initiation of the lightbody, resulting in the uncoiling of the kundalini. Today, Kathy facilitates others in their remembrance, and awakening. As one who treads the ancient path she is both an accomplished facilitator for journeys of the inner, and the outer landscape. She invites you to journey with her to the Ancient Temples of Peru.


“What is this sweet sensation reflected in earth, stone, skin, bone? Life emerges here, wet piercing reminder of cycles unending. Tourists pass and pause, breathe in this sweet knowing. I have lived a thousand life times and I have lived here before. Visitors weave in and out, meander through the grotto follow their official guide, so many stories. The Incas left no written record, no journal of intent. Yet here among the stones all is known, etched in shadow and stone. People gather around the capstone solar pyramid Inti-watana, mouths agape. “My God, what is this place?” Chatter ensues. Explanations abound. “It is a fortress. Incan outpost!” the guide expounds. Her secrets remaining shielded. Whether consciously aware or not, every person is touched by her beauty. Exposed, she opens herself, allows access. In the cool shade of granite I take in the whole of Machu Picchu. Panoramic terraced walls sweep up at every turn, nook and cranny, zigzag serpentine maze. It is a magnificent July winters day. Gentle breezes cool hot stone. Dormant orchids sway and crackle all around. She has loveliness for sale. I have sought this beauty wide-eyed, open hearted pleading her favors. And she has been generous. My appointed moment arrived like a thief in the night, turned my world upside down, then right-side-up again.” Kathy Doore.


Marcia C., “Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountaintops crested out of the clouds, blanketing the horizon for as far as I could see. I sat awestruck atop Markawasi, realizing this was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. The remarkable photos in Kathy Doore’s book, “Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest” had prepared me for the enigmatic figures that emerged from the cliffs and rock face at every turn. But witnessing first-hand, the splendor of the rock forest and mist enshrouded valleys, beguiled my senses.

Scrambling over ancient rock formations, or flying atop a stone precipice, peering deep into 800-year-old “chulpas” (ruins) that once held the mummified remains of an ancient culture was an experience that cannot be garnered, from even the most eloquent of books. Though her’s comes close. The culmination of 20 years travel to Peru, Kathy Doore’s tour was planned to perfection. No detail was left unnoticed. Her flawless attention to detail made our trip truly magical, allowing us total freedom to delight in the wonders of Peruvian culture and history. I highly recommend journeying with this seasoned pro and mystical goddess. You’ll thank your lucky stars!”

Peggy B., CA, “I first heard about Kathy from my friend who went on a sacred tour with her in September of 2001, just after the 9/11 calamity. My friend returned with a magical and beautiful photograph of the female Apu (mountain deity) Putukusi at Machu Picchu. (My favorite Apu, by the way.) In the middle of the spectacular mountain a clear white light cross appeared following their prayers and despacho (gifting)! (The photograph is published in Kathy’s book, “Markawasi, Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest.”) Years later I met Kathy in person during the time she was publishing her book about the magical stone forest. At last, in 2010 the stars aligned so that I could take the journey. The trip was action-packed and spirited (in both senses of the word). Peru is indeed a majestic and magical place. The land and the mountains ARE alive. Perhaps the mystical energy is due to the residual spiritual energy of the Inca and pre-Inca civilizations. Perhaps it is simply that in Peru you are much closer to the stars and to heaven. Certainly the air is thinner, and that alone can put you into an altered state!

Kathy Doore is an exceptional guide and host. She has studied and experienced sacred Andean rites and has guided sacred tours to the Inca sites for over twenty years. She is extremely well-organized and has put a lot of thought into every detail. In advance of the trip she sends out timely reminders, checklists, and important background and historical information, as well as travel tips for safety and sight-seeing. Kathy is smart, and works with local guides and agencies throughout the journey. This assures smooth sailing during the trip. And there are backups to assist in case of inevitable snafus. Kathy is a clear communicator — very honest and authentic. She lays out the itinerary and the plans, and makes clear what is included, setting out concisely what anyone joining her trip should expect. I really enjoyed being able to focus on my experience, and not having to worry about logistics.

Kathy Doore is also a mystic. She is aptly named, as she opens DOORS of perception into Andean cosmology. Warning: you are in for a lot more than a touristy, sight-seeing trip with Kathy’s tour. You won’t escape feeling deeply touched by the amazing landscape, the fabulous, earthy, and spiritual guides (especially Maru and Vicky), in addition to Kathy, and a very full experience packed into two short weeks. This isn’t an “adventure tour”, but it is quite possibly the MOST amazing adventure of my life, both on a spiritual and experiential level. It is powerful. If you are open to experiencing a living culture that has ancient roots in the amazing Peruvian sky, by all means do whatever you can to GO! It has been two weeks since my return from Peru, and I’m still assimilating the spiritual experiences I had there. They continue to unfold, and I am confident that this is only the beginning. Thank you Kathy for making this spiritual trek possible.”

The History Channel


Ancient Aliens: Mysterious Places,Season 2, Episode 1 October 28, 2010

Mysterious Places – Markawasi
Found around the Earth, an ancient doorway carved into a
sheer rock wall in Peru’s Puerta de Hayu Marka is said to be a portal to other worlds.
Markawasi’s plateau is filled with strange rock formations allegedly left behind by an
ancient advanced civilization. What connections do these and other “hot spots” share?
Is it possible that ancient extraterrestrials also knew about these mysterious places?

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Karin H., May 2010, “To travel to this land of enchantment meant the culmination of my childhood dreams. After researching Kathy’s website and having opportunities to talk with her over the years, I knew there was no other guide I wanted to be with other than Kathy. And so, our dream came true when my husband and I journeyed with Kathy’s tour from April 23-May 10th. Reviewing Kathy’s website and researching many sources of historical, esoteric and pragmatic readings made me realize how important it was to experience this land in a way that would cultivate my sense of wonder for the rich history of this region in South America. The past 18 days of this adventure stays with me today. Kathy’s knowledge of the land, the people and history made every moment of this journey absolutely wonderful. But more than that, it was her sense of caring for her group, and the regional people of each area that stood out. We journeyed to Markawasi, soaring 12,000′ into the heavens for a two day magical camping adventure. Yet on the way, stood the proud and modest village of San Pedro. Because of her experience and respectful compassion, Kathy gave us an opportunity to share and donate much needed supplies for the school, and clothing and shoes for the children. Even a bit of candy and toys, and anything else we could think of.

There were so many life-changing adventures and memories on this trip. If you want to experience the depths of wonder, enchantment and flavor of Peru, you will be in loving and experienced hands with Kathy Doore. I know of no other “tour group experiences” that offers the best cuisines, luxurious accommodations including comfortable camping at high-altitude (Markawasi), rich historical context, magical and mind bending “Whoa!” moments as trips designed by Kathy. 20+ years of contacts, resources and attention to the smallest of traveler details is priceless for a lifetime of cherished memories.”


Lynn V.G., Oregon, “John Steinbeck once wrote that he “liked to let a trip take him. For years that has been my modus operandi. As one who has shunned organized trips (travelling with groups) I was so totally delighted with the feeling of serendipity with which you managed our tour. You get an A+ and a gold Medal! Splendid job, I’d travel in one of your groups any day. The flexibility was such a relief! Having traveled quite a bit, I do feel that this was one of the most important and life-altering trips I’ve enjoyed. You’re right, it is still continuing, my dreams have been very fulfilling and informative. Much appreciation to you for assisting in my most recent transformation.”

Sherry D, USA “The (2008) trip was magical. With 50 participants the organization was masterfully handled and I commend all of those responsible for working so hard to meet the needs of all participants. My desire to have time to integrate the powerful energies and shifts took precedence over my normal shopaholic nature. Five days after coming home, I am still integrating the amazing energies and shifts. I am sure that all of the releases from this workshop and tour have had a profound effect on my spiritual evolution.”


Annette E., Ontario, “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of our magical Peruvian journey together. The “light cross” is a Divine interaction of what the power of prayer and love can do. I have found that my meditations and walks through the forest have taken me farther into the Universe for observation and confirmation. And, Inca crosses abound everywhere! Some days I just have to cry from the sheer magnitude of it all. My connection with Spirit has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to work through the heart center called Love. Kathy, if it were not for your Gathering there would be no story to tell.”


Sheryl W., Canada, “I’m still feeling such a strong connection to the ancient stone forest Markawasi. I have noticed great changes in my energetic field. Everywhere I go people comment on it, they say, “I am “glowing”. I believe I have a permanent soul connection to Markawasi, and when moved to do so I have consciously shared whatever energetics I’ve brought back with me. Many of the people who’ve crossed my path have been expressing their pain, illnesses, and loneliness and it is with them I am moved to send the loving energy I experienced in Peru. Thank you again.”

Marilyn A., Chicago, My heart is so very full from the wonderful visit to Machu Picchu and from the Gathering of loving women that you brought together. I can’t begin to tell you how much this trip has meant to me, I was so deeply touched.”

Roberta M., Michigan, “The trip to Machu Picchu was very touching and also challenging for me. I found closure and also new openings. Thank you for all your effort in keeping 40 women together. I know it was not an easy task! We all need to regenerate and nourish ourselves in order to be able to give to others, this journey has nourished me.”

Maria X., UK Thank you once again for such a magical special time in Peru…I truly appreciate all the love and intention you put into the tour for us all to enjoy. I don’t think the whole experience has quite sunk in yet and probably won’t until I’m back in the UK.”

JJ, Montana, Thank you so much for the incredible thought and effort you put into making this an unforgettable trip.” Much love JJ

Lydia R., Florida, Your insight and wisdom, as well as your wonderful life stories, remain memorable.” In deep appreciation, Lydia Riedell.




Healing Energy Inka Fountain
Before and After Prayer

While preparing kintus, sacred offerings of coca leaves infused with breath, and prayer, and giving thanks for the abundance of Pachamama, we anchored our intent for our blessed journey together at the sacred center of Ollantaytambo. A few months later Dr. Masura Emoto visited the site, and was gifted a copy of these remarkable photos.

“Peru Essences: Awakening to Unity” is part of a set created by Nanci Wesling during our 2010 journey to Peru. A small idea that can change your world. And yes, a few drops a day make a huge difference. Believe it! Connecting point between body and mind, soul and spirit, Essences light your path, urge you along in the best direction, and offer their pure vibration holding you steady and easing you into wholeness. Made by Nanci Wesling and assisted by our group while on pilgrimage, they’ll take you there! Read her extraordinary journey. Highly Recommended!