Markawasi: A Case of Levitation


Accounts of spontaneous healings and testimony of levitation abound at Markawasi. In some instances unusual abilities seem to arise either spontaneously or in connection with ascetic practices during mystical rapture ( euphoria), known as “laghiman” a Sanskrit word meaning lightness. Yogic flying referenced in the Vedas noted that ancient levitators would rise up to 90 centimeters above the ground by controlling the bodies energy. The mystical state was known to occur during a siddhi: higher levels of consciousness during mystical rapture, and was known throughout history. Reports of ordinary mortals who defied gravity and developed the “rainbow body” are numerous. Among history’s famous levitators was Ignatius Loyola, who not only floated, but did so in a “luminous” body. Catherine of Siena was witnessed to levitate, as was St. Theresa, to the amazement of more then 200 priests. She described a sensation beneath her feet that lifted her up. Simon Magus, the Gnostic adept, attributed his flight to an “electrical fullness” at his feet. When Padre Pio was once asked how he walked above the heads of the people, he jokingly responded: “I can assure you, my child, it’s just like walking on the floor. It is believed that certain states of levitation may be a form of thought-induced energy influencing the material realm.

Daniel Ruzo’s Mystical Rapture

While attending school Edy met Carlos, a fellow student, who often spoke of Markawasi. Carlos regaled her with stories of Dr. Daniel Ruzo, whom he knew personally. One day she was invited to attend a University lecture on Markawasi given by Daniel Ruzo. During the lecture one of her professors attempted to refute him, becoming flustered and contradictory. In contrast, Dr. Ruzo remained calm and unperturbed, elaborating on his hypothesis in great detail. Afterwards, he autographed his book, and gave her the copy, impressing Edy with his kindness and generosity. Dr. Ruzo had spent nearly a decade researching Markawasi, living in a small cabin near the colossal stone monument that he termed, the Monument to Humanity.

After graduation, Carlos had taken up serious study with Dr. Ruzo, and had many extraordinary experiences on the mesa of Markawasi. On one occasion, he and Edy were to rendezvous at Dr. Ruzo’s office for a meeting, but once there, they had a long wait. Finally, the doctor emerged from a door directly behind his secretary’s desk where he stood to greet them. His eyes were brilliant, and he seemed taller than Edy remembered him.

She asked many questions, and he offered to teach her about the sculptures and their significance. As she prepared to leave, Edy walked casually around to the other side of the desk to bid him goodbye as was the custom. She was absolutely stunned to see that the doctor’s feet were not touching the ground. They were 30 centimeters above the floor, floating in the air. Shocked and barely managing a polite goodbye, she later quizzed Carlos. He confided that he too had witnessed such behavior, saying that Dr. Ruzo was an adept who had mastered the development of the “rainbow body,” including the ability to defy gravity. Years later, Daniel’s widow would acknowledge that while in deep meditation, Daniel would occasionally rise aloft, much to her surprise.