Lake Titicaca Isle of the Reeds



Peru is a land steeped in ancient prophecies and wisdom that is vital for our planet during these transitional times. Life in the Incan empire was measured by a thousand year cosmic cycle called an Inti, which means ‘Sun’. This thousand year cycle was then divided into halves, each of which was referred to as a Pachakuti. The cosmovision of the Andean world is the conception of duality that is in permanent opposition, but complementary, like the principle of ying/yang that expresses this opposition between day/night, light/dark, man/woman, earth/sky, up/down. This same principle of duality applies to each Pachakuti. However, Pachakuti also is used to refer to the transitional time that divided each Pachakuti and this is characterized as a time of great changes.

During the five hundred years of the eighth Pachakuti, Pachacuteq, the greatest spiritual leader of the Incas, ruled. This was a time of light when the Inca Empire flourished and there was expansion and good fortune. The ninth Pachakuti, on the opposite side of the duality, brought with it the five hundred years of darkness when the Spanish invaders conquered the Inca and the Indian people lost their power.

We are now entering the tenth Pachakuti, which the local people refer to as the returning of Pachkuteq, the returning of the Light. This is the time when the etheric crystal cities of the fourth dimension such as the lost golden city of Paititi, Machu Picchu and the eternal etheric city under Lake Titicaca will again be available to us.

There is a legend that says at the time Lemuria was sinking, one of the seven Great Masters of Lemuria, Lord Aramu Meru, was given the mission to bring the sacred Golden Solar Disc from the Temple of Illumination to Lake Titicaca for safe keeping. During the time of the Incas, the Solar Disc was transferred to Cusco and placed in the Koricancha, the main temple of the Incas, where it stayed until the coming of the Spanish. At that time, it was returned to Lake Titicaca and placed in the Eternal Etheric City inside the Lake.

In the legend of their origin, this is the place from where the first Incas, Manco Kapaq and Mama Ocalla, entered the Earth. The Solar Disc was used in the capacity of a cosmic computer that received light information directly from the Universal Mind Source, Viracocha, at the center of the galaxy. By entering the Temple of Illumination and opening themselves, the Lemurians, and later the Incas could access the sacred wisdom. It is during this time, the Age of Pachakuti, that the sacred Solar Disc is to be re-activated accessing the cosmic wisdom.

Amaru Meru Dimensional Doorway Carved in Solid Rock

amaruMeruPeru_kathydoore.comPuerta de Hayu Marka

Many of the world’s spiritual leaders, as well as indigenous teachers, acknowledge that the energy of the planet shifted in 1987 from the masculine energies of Tibet to the feminine energies of Peru, and in particular Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This area is the acknowledged portal through which the new feminine energies are entering the Earth. It is power energy – energy of the Heart. We not only have an opportunity during this time to access the information from the sacred golden Solar Disc and to receive the cosmic energies of Love that are coming in, but many Planetary Light Workers are feeling called to participate in re-activating the Solar Disc.

The Solar Disc serves as the portal through which these new feminine energies radiate into the world. When we use our intention to re-active the Solar Disc we facilitate these energies coming in stronger. This is powerful work for Planetary Midwives.