Worldwide Labyrinth Installations



The Inkaland Resort Labyrinths, Urubamba, Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Peru


As descendants of the Inca the Quechua laborers were delighted to build earth temples in the Sacred Valley of their ancestors.



90′ Grande Laberinto Inkaland Hotel

The Incaland Resort Labyrinths

In the late 1990’s near the bustling village of Urubamba, located in the very heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Incaland Resort had become a tribute to the Labyrinth. Spiritually oriented groups stopped in frequently to walk the meditation gardens on their way to Machu Picchu. Located an hour from Cusco in the Andean sub-tropics of the Urubamba Valley, the resort was a peaceful base for one of the most important travel adventures in the world.

The Incaland Hotel was sold in 2008 and demolished, on its grounds now stands the luxurious 5-Star resort, Tambo del Inka. The original rock labyrinth near the pool became the foundation for the new resort. If you stand in the lobby you can still feel its energy. The stone finger labyrinth that was sandwiched high inbetween the limbs of the Eucalyptus tree, continues to adorn the gardens.
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Spa installation for Marriot Beach Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Norton Museum Adrian Fischer Designed Labyrinth


Installation for Norton Museum Adrian Fischer Labyrinth, West Palm Beach, FL



Beach Labyrinth, Florida



My journey began in Germany where events created opportunities unforeseen. After years of requests, permission was granted on the very day that I arrived to build a labyrinth walking meditation in the gardens of the ancient holy site at Disibodenberg, the childhood monestary where Hildegard von Bingen received her miraculous visions.

Dowsing the beautiful wooded hilltop sanctuary were great leys of energy and water crossing – electric and magnetic vortices, here I placed the labyrinth atop one of the centers, closely adjacent to Hildegard’s quarters. It was marvelous work supported by the Nuns at Bingen and the Baron who owned the property. I am told that the labyrinth has been walked by tens of thousands of pilgrims.
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The Magic of Labyrinths examines the phenomena of mazes and labyrinths, looking at their historical, cultural, and spiritual significance and profiles several pioneers of the modern labyrinth genre, including Kathy Doore’s story entitled, The Hero’s Journey.