Imagine! Intend Based Reality


The World Is As You Dream It

We do indeed create our own reality while at the same time we are also part of a greater whole, suggests Bill Moyers, “It is important to get a sense of what that whole is creating so that we can work to rebalance any ‘fear-based’ illusions. Awareness is one of the steps towards that goal, toward altering one’s reality.”

As the Ramdom Event Generators have suggested, what we feel, think or ‘do’ does have an impact beyond chance. REG’s have registed that as a collective we ‘know’ what is about to happen before it takes place, and that we are all aware of things beyond our conscious selves. An amazing book that spoke of this was Lyall Watson’s ‘Lifetide: A Biology of the Unconscious’.

The simultaneous deaths of MotherTheresa and Princess Diana and events such as 9/11 and the tsunami, altered the consciousness of humanity, and were recorded by the REGs before they actually happened.

As Lyall Watson suggests with many eye-opening examples in his book, we are all interconnected at the subconscious level in ways we are often totally unaware of and may indeed, find difficult to comprehend. Thus, mass outpourings of grief and love had a profound effect upon the collective consciousness of humanity. Also, on days of world prayer/meditation, as millions focused on ‘positive’ change, hope, and ‘higher’ qualities/principles, the REGs recorded that ‘something’ happens.

For those of us who understand how vibrational essences work and the principles upon which they are based – resonance, this all makes perfect sense. When we invite or take a ‘higher’ frequency into our being through gem/flower essences, thought, prayer, meditation, word or intent, we change our personal frequency and that of everything around us. That which does not resonate with the higher frequency falls away and our level of consciousness changes.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals is more evidence that this is true, that our intent, thoughts, and words are very powerful creative forces. Research in prayer and positive intent demonsrates that we can indeed change our reality, and change the ‘negative’ or ‘lower frequencies’ into ‘positive’ or ‘higher frequencies’, uplifting humanity in so doing.

Larry Dossey, M.D., along with a growing number of others, has written several books on this topic including ‘Healing Words’ and ‘Spiritual Achievement and Physical Health’.

Awareness is one of the steps towards change. The other steps include action in one form or another. As you know in your own life, you can dream dreams and have thoughts, but to have them become reality must take action. That action might be as simple as becoming clear on what you want in your life, setting an intent, affirming each day your intent for your life. When we become more mindful, setting aside time for reflection and contemplation or time for exercise and a healthy lifestyle we put action behind our intent.

We should not confuse ‘being’ with non-action as a certain amount of physical ‘action’ is called for to manifest/create our realities in the physical plane. The very words ‘manifest’ or ‘create’ suggest that some form of ‘action’ needs to take place. As Dr. Emoto proves this action can be as ‘simple’ as focusing our thoughts or words as was shown in the movie ‘What the Bleep…’ now out on DVD.

If you saw the movie you may recall the part where they demonstrated when you think or believe in a certain way long enough, the synapses in the brain physically become fixed into that specific pattern. When you decide to make a change in your beliefs they physically break off and have to be reestablished. Something to remember when you wonder why a particular pattern keeps happening in your life! One way or another it is programmed into your brain and your synapses actually support this pattern so that it reoccurs over and over again. Perhaps this is why some schools of thought suggest we need 21 days to repattern things. Wonderful tools such as vibrational essences, and many other healing techniques, help us restablish those nerual networks more quickly and less painfully then others.

Our physical reality is created by what we think, believe, create from the moment we are born and from what we bring with us – that which we inherit or share from the other aspects of our ‘beingness’.

Although we are individuated ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ our individuated soul expressed through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are also part of the greater whole, and influenced by that whole. We are the sum total of our parts, each shaping the other.

If you have ever read ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ you will recall that nature provides us with simple examples of how cycles can differ according to circumstance and intent. For example, a sunflower seed falls to the ground and when the season is right, the sun shines, temperatures rise and the sprout sends roots into the ground. Buds form, and begin to grow. When it is ‘ripe’ it flowers and sends out seeds, the cycle begins again. Those who understand biodynamics would say that there are other ‘forces’ affecting this cycle such as cosmic energies, the planets, sun and moon, plus the constituency of the soil and the intent of the gardenerr. Depending upon who grows the sunflower seed, different things might happen. One might decide to use a chemical fertilizer, another another organic soil. One might think of the sunflower as a commercial product to make seeds or oil for sale, another as a thing of beauty to enjoy. Each of these things actually affects the physical development, health, value, and beauty of the plant.

Bill Moyers says “the news can be the truth that sets us free…” Becoming the observer allows us to see the ‘truths’ and decide whether what we see is what we want in our reality. We don’t have to pass judgement upon it, but simply decide whether what we see is what we want. We then decide how to change it, breaking off those old synapes and rerouting them.

A Chinese saying states, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. That single step might be as simple as deciding to smile six times a day or sendings blessings to Mother Earth and our leaders each morning. It might include becoming more aware of our personal impact upon the environment, or passing information to others; each one of us comes to his/her own perspective, gifts, choices and capacity.

It is easy to feel hopeless after reading an article such as the one below, and to forget that we are far more powerful than we comprehend with our conscious minds, But nothing is impossible if we believe with all our intent and take action to live life fully and consciously. We may have caused the problems BUT ~ we are also part of the solution!