Grail Lore in the Isle of Avalon

Glastonbury Tor, England

Isle of Avalon Pilgrimage


Glastonbury Tor is one of those mysterious places not only involved with King Arthur and Grail Lore, but with a long-standing Faerie tradition. The legend says that on a certain night of the year in the hillside of the Tor, the hill will open and reveal an entrance to a Faerie King’s world!

During the spring equinox of 1996 a profound dream brought me to my ancestral home of Great Britain … throughout the previous winter I had led labyrinth gatherings, presented workshops and studied ancient texts. One remarkable night while immersed in my studies I had a most incredible dream–I found myself creating earthen temples in the ancient Isle of Avalon.

Coming into consciousness within the dream state I am escorting a group of visitors to our temples–a spectacular labyrinth, and a huge circular formation with astrological symbology carved into the earth. I gaze up to the sky where the heavens are in alignment, then look down to the earth where the stars are mirrored in the earthen-work. We are weaving the sky into the tapestry of the land re-creating heaven on Earth. Climbing to the top of a hill dominating the landscape, I behold a marvelous temple of stone, marking the exact point of merging energies. I awake! For the next several days two unknown names skipped through my mind: Glastonbury and Avebury. I concede, and make arrangements to fly to England.

Ten years earlier Id visited Great Britain on a five-day tour and although my trip carried me as far west as Bath, I was not aware of Glastonbury. Nor had I ever heard of Avebury. Determined to locate my best course of travel I map-dowsed the area locating Glastonbury, where I was drawn to a tiny speck called Chalice Well. That would become my spiritual base. Sometime later I learned that this Holy Well had a long spiritual legacy intrinsically linking the sacred waters of the Red and White Springs with the Chalice of Jesus. According to author Mary Caine, ancient Glastonbury was the site where Jesus is said to have spent time as a youth. It was where Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’ uncle, founded the Christian Church of England in 37 AD. Here too, was found a huge earthen Zodiac molded into the landscape, recently discovered.

Caine went on to say that copious evidence of prehistoric interference with the landscape could by seen on every side. There were obviously early and important settlements in the vicinity with hardly a hill that had not been terraced or fortified. Tumuli and other earthworks abounded. The Tor had been laboriously terraced into something reminiscent of a Chaldean Ziggurat or a step-pyramid. Today, its influence on the whole area is hypnotic with its spiraled terraces walked as a Classical Labyrinth by pilgrims to the site. The Glastonbury Zodiac is literally the earthly counterpart of the Caer Sidi of the Celts-a great Star-Temple, reflecting in its natural contours and streams the Zodiac in the heavens. So accurately indeed does it mirror the heavenly pattern that the stars of the Zodiac fit over its earthly effigies when the planisphere is scaled to the map of Avalon!

That this antiquity has lain so long forgotten is due, paradoxically, to its immense size. It is said, within the complex of ancient Glastonbury lie the Phoenix of the Zodiac, from whence my vision beckoned.



A cold blustery March day greeted me as I drove from London to the ancient site of Avebury. Here, ancient menhirs stand mute witness to astonishing phenomena in the cereal crop. Walking the land touching each menhir feeling energies stream through my body, aligning with the genius loci of the ancient site.


The next afternoon at Stonehenge a gentleman in the gift shop confided that he was the head of English Heritage, having journeyed from London for the day, the very person, who, moments later would authorize an unscheduled me a visit to the inner sanctum, later that night. A visit I was told, that would otherwise have taken months to secure.

Escorted by security, I entered the henge near midnight where a light fog had descended over the great menhirs, teasing my senses. Emerging from the mist were shapes and figures of silhouettes–hooded-figures, and soft melodious music, whose source was indiscernible. The security guards assured me that they would know if anyone had been playing music nearby. Walking between worlds, one realm decidedly penetrating the other at the very fringe of the veil, I was being fully prepared for the work that lie ahead.



Traversing the charming, funky village, of Glastonbury by day, with its maze of tourist shops, ancient structures, energy vortices and sacred groves, I continued deep into the very heart of the ethereal realm of Avalon by night. Working with the frequencies of light, I was often confronted by the realm of the faerie, whose ethereal enchantment was of some concern. It seemed that within this kingdom was great interest in what I would accomplish. It wasn’t until after returning home that I realized something had been left undone. A summer sabbatical began to take form.


Effortlessly, preparations fell into place. I abruptly sold my boat that had languished on the market for nearly two years. With finances in hand I was free to pursue the quest. I realized that the trip would coincide with the annual Crop Circle Conference in Glastonbury, and with it, an invitation to visit Germany beforehand.

In the weeks prior to my departure I began a series of meditations to connect with the spirit of place, setting my intention to co-create the beautiful anomalous crop formations along with the mysterious consciousness responsible for authentic crop circles. I had one stipulation, that I would know without a shadow of a doubt, that I had in some manner, some way, affected the process and I left it at that.


My journey began in Germany where events created opportunities unforeseen. After years of requests, permission was granted on the very day that I arrived to build a walking meditation in the gardens of the ancient holy site at Disibodenberg, the childhood monestary where Hildegard von Bingen received her miraculous visions.

Dowsing the beautiful wooded hilltop sanctuary were great leys of energy and water crossed were electric and magnetic vortices. Here, I chose the site to creat a Classical Labyrinth, close to Hildegard’s quarters. It was marvelous work supported by the Nuns at Bingen and the Baron who owned the property. I am told that the labyrinth has been walked by tens of thousands of pilgrims.



I then prepared for the journey to England, a long road trip ahead. After driving all day and ferrying across the English Channel arrivng in the wee hours of night, accommodation was impossible to find. I continued driving on, my route would take me directly past Stonehenge on my way to Cornwall, for the purpose of retracing the “Michael and Mary” lines. I was following the map laid out by dowsers Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst in their remarkable book, “The Sun and the Serpent.” Determined to learn more about the ancient megalithic structures placed along flows of Earth energy, energy leys were said to increase fertility of plants, animals, and human life. I would learn this frequency was enhanced by placement, and accessed through connecting intent with the crystalline structure of the stone. In this way the frequency could be harnessed for healing and in the attainment of higher states of consciousness.


Once again, I was approaching Stonehenge, this time in the hour before dawn. I noticed something uncanny. Whether it was divine grace or sheer luck, emerging from the crop were dozens of swirled formations in every direction. From my perspective, at ground level, I had no idea what the pattern was. The formation had to be viewed from above in order to appreciate the image. As I entered the field I began walking the formation, bending down in a small circle no more than four feet in diameter I marveled at the symmetry of the intricately-woven threads of wheat, reminiscent of a bird’s nest. I had stumbled upon the now famous Julia Set spanning the entire field adjacent to Stonehenge.


Shrouded in the serenity of dawn the energy of the formation was extraordinary. As I began walking the formation, suddenly, the formation gave up its secrets. Displaying was a spiraling nautilus emerged from the center of the design. Here it was, none other than the Divine Mean, the Phi Ratio, the Sacred Spiral, the geometry of the Labyrinth— the now famous Julia Set. I knew without doubt that this was the formation from my meditations. It consisted of a mind-boggling l51 circles with a length of 9l5 feet, the largest and most complex formation in the history of crop formations to date. The Julia Set as it became known due to its fractal composition, heralded a new direction in corn circle symbology that subsequent formations would emulate in the years ahead. Walking a massive spiraling circle in the form of an invisible Labyrinth, I connected with the circle-makers, intent fulfilled.


The farmer whose land hosted the formation, began his morning rounds and greeted me. I offered a donation to offset his crop loss, which he accepted, and we chatted for a bit. “Do you see how yellow the crop is over there?” he motioned, pointing to a spot just beyond the formation distinctly different in color from the rest of his field. “We had a formation turn up five years ago on that very spot. I was so angry at the time, thought it was kids. But you know, my crop has never come in the same color since. It’s always bright yellow in that very spot. It’s in the same exact location as the first formation. And now, this spectacular formation arrives. I don’t think it’s kids anymore. Frankly, I don’t know what to think. Maybe we’re blessed?” Miracles never cease. Fourteen years in the future another grand formation will arrive on the very same spot in May, 2010.

Like pearls strung on golden thread, I followed a network of spiraling, winding pathways of energy, connecting the sacred megalithic sites with a global grid, punctuated by mysterious crop formations within this Golden Triangle. Eventually I arrived in the south of England to Cornwall and the wondrous structures I’d sought. Here were the likes of menhirs with fanciful names: the “Merry Maidens”, “Men-an-Tol”, and much more, nearly twenty ancient earthenworks in all. At each site information was thusly received via a reciprocal energetic connection. Returning to Glastonbury and my home base, Chalice Well, I was invited to join the guardians for a rare evening in the gardens, and attended the annual Crop Circle Conference by day.


I lingered a few days in the Chalice Well gardens during Gaelic Lughnasadh, before setting off for greater mysteries in the North Country. A bus, train, and rental car later I was greeted by the megalithic circles of Castlerigg, Long Meg, and the remote lonely stones of Swinside. Just moments before dusk, a free ranging herd of sheep all vied for standing room only atop the stones of Castlerigg, soaking in the frequency, until the magic moment diminished, they nonchalantly strode off. I began watching birds, animals and farmlands. Pigs could be spied sitting and standing in perfectly straight lines, as if demarking unseen energy lines. Continuing to the Isle of Lewis and the extraordinary site of Callanish, I spent days connected deeply with the ancient alignment, profound and surreal.





Nearing the completion of my sojourn I found my way to Iona– the sacred Isle of the Druids and holy site of early Christianity. Accommodations were scarce. The entire Island had been booked for months. Miraculously a small farm house overlooking the sea whose dear owner took mercy on me, invited me in. I located a grassy spot behind the home where the sheep grazed but left all the wild flowers intact. Gravitating to this ideal spot I say for quiet moments of relection, connecting with the blissful energy of place.


When it was time to leave and almost as an after-thought, the farmer’s wife smiled and turned to me, “That spot you like so much. I’ve been meaning to tell you. It’s the exact spot where St. Columba experienced his profound visions. It’s very, very sacred.”


Cnoc nan Aingeal – Hill of Angels
“One little hilltop is not rocky, but rounded, green, distinctive: the heal where Columba spoke with holy Angels.”

I spent my last full day in London at the British Museum. Here, relics come alive! True mysteries abound. Through a quirk of fate or simply pure synchronicity, in search of a particular antiquity that I was now told had been removed from exhibition, I was invited to the lower catacombs underneath the city where treasures are housed. On occasion, a fortunate few are beckoned, allowed access. Before me bound in stone, was the riddle I’d sought. Placed in my hands to feel and know, to align with the frequency of the old stones, was to understand a system of grids denoted in these worked-stone marking energetic fields, connecting megalithic monuments miles and countries apart. My journey had come full circle.

I had completed a sojourn into the mystery of the megaliths–the wisdom-keepers, whose revelation and long-forgotten secrets would lead me to faraway distant lands, continents away.

In the days and nights that passed a world of multidimensional reality burst into high gear; this would not be the first time I was to encounter extreme manifestation. I had embarked upon a journey as old as the ages and there was no turning back. A divine appointment awaited in the highlands of Peru where everything would ultimately come together.

Today I am guided to share the stories silent lips held secret for so long. It is our ability to share that is of vital importance now. Indeed, it is our greatest strength. We have entered an era when there will be no more secrets, the dawning of the Golden Age –بوكر.