Fantastic Discoveries

Fantastic Discoveries by Lisa Rome


There are many important facets of Markawasi, all pieces of an incredible, complex puzzle. There are twenty-two energy vortexes called ‘cruzes’, or crosses, made up of three distinct types of energy. There are three of the first type which are found in areas of limited access on the plateau – limited to those prepared to be near such powerful energy. The second type of cross, of which there are seven, are crosses that betoken the days of the week. There are twelve crosses of the third type, which have to do with the phases of the moon. Each cross has a specific healing power. The crosses, which are easily visible on the plateau, have an undeniable energy that can be felt without any special preparation or sensitivity. Carlos Seclan, a Peruvian student of Daniel Ruzo, had an extraordinary experience at one of the vortexes of Markawasi. He had been studying Markawasi for fifteen years when he had a car accident that left him paralyzed in bed for eleven months. With the finest doctors in Peru unable to treat him, he was told that he could not be healed, and would never walk again.

After having studied the energies of the stones and vortexes of Markawasi, he knew that there had to be some way to cure his broken back with the profound forces of the mountain. He knew that on a certain day, at a certain hour, at a certain vortex, there would be the appropriate energy to heal him. He convinced his friends to carry him up the mountain to the designated vortex, where they left him alone for seven days.

On the seventh day an ordinary-looking Peruvian man, a stranger to Carlos, appeared. They spoke about Carlos’ problem and then the man began to demonstrate some exercises, which Carlos followed. As he moved through the exercises he felt a heat rising through his body starting at his toes, with a distinct buzzing noise, followed by a tingling sensation which began to move throughout his body. When the heat and buzzing sensations reached his head he was aware of a light entering the top of his crown, at which point he fell asleep.

When Carlos awoke several hours later, he was surprised to realize that not only could he sit up, but stand as well. The stranger who had assisted him was gone. Carlos was able to walk down the mountain alone, unassisted, to join his friends who had been camping nearby.

To this day, Carlos is the most important living scholar of the vortexes of Markawasi. He has revealed the location of five of the vortexes. Two of the vortexes are easy to find on the plateau; one is located beneath the Cat, and the other, marked with a white X, is in the center of the plateau at the edge of a precipice. Carlos first went to Markawasi in 1973 on a hunting trip and says that before he went, he had seen Markawasi in his dreams, and when he arrived, he knew exactly where to go.

Markawasi is also a famous location for UFO sightings which the villagers call OVNI’s. The villagers in the pueblo below Markawasi accept UFO sightings as a normal occurrence. When asked if they believe in UFO’s, they react as though it were a strange question, as though they had been asked if they believe in cows!

Moises Bautista, former president of the community, tells of an encounter he had in August of 1963. The night was clear with a full moon. At about 2:00 a.m., he was walking near some ruins on his way to check his cows on the plateau. He saw a ‘car-like’ vehicle come out of the sky and land about 20 meters in front of him. He hid beneath a tomb as the encounter unfolded.

The vehicle was about three meters in diameter with six round fluorescent lights. Out of the vehicle came five beings, each approximately one meter, 20 cm tall. They were wearing orange/brown body suits and boots. They emerged from a portal of the vehicle made of clear material. They walked around and touched stones on the ground, as though they were inspecting them. They then returned to the vehicle and departed, flying north, the same direction from which they came. The whole encounter lasted three minutes. Moises speaks freely about his encounter, as it is not considered a crazy subject in the town of San Pedro de Casta.

Others in the village who have had sightings include the town baker. He says that he regularly sees a silver metallic disc with multi-color lights flying over Markawasi. He believes that the UFO’s have a regular pattern, appearing at the end of the month. The baker, and many others in San Pedro, including the town’s youngest children, had a sighting at night of a disc that flew over the town. The children animatedly tell of the ‘flying saucer’ or ‘planet’ with colorful lights that flew over their heads in 1988.

Village Life

San Pedro de Casta is the folkloric Andean village through which one must pass before arriving in Markawasi. Here, one can hire burros to carry supplies and equipment to the plateau, a three and a half-hour walk up the mountain. The people of San Pedro are the spiritual guardians of the meseta of Markawasi. It is their responsibility to see that those who are welcomed to the meseta feel safe and cared for during their stay.

The people of San Pedro are ‘campesinos’, or peasants. They make their communal living (income), by farming the terraced land of the surrounding mountains, as their ancestors did for thousands of years before them. A total of twenty tons of corn, alfalfa, potatoes and other crops are exported every year. More interesting, however, is that they export FORTY tons of medicinal plants which grow wild on the surrounding mountains, as well as on Markawasi itself. The few available plants found in the area seem to cover all of their needs. The people of San Pedro de Casta claim that the plants are ancient.

Stone Forest Legends

The place on the meseta with the most interesting stories is the ‘Infernillo’, Inferno, or the infernal place. It is a large rock crevasse about twenty feet deep. It is said that anyone who dares to jump across the Infernillo will be ‘swallowed up’ and taken inside the earth, never to return again. Another myth surrounding the Infernillo is that if a person walks into the base of the crevasse, he will be taken inside the earth, go through the mountain, and come out at the mouth of a river far away. The person would never be the same again and unable to reenter society. He would shy away from humans as wild animals do. The locals do regard these as myths and readily jump over the gap of the Infernillo.