Crop Anomalies near Phoenix

By Kathy Doore,


(Crop Analysis by W.C. Levengood, Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory; and 2nd Analysis & Report by Jeff Wilson)

Do Inquiring Minds Really Want to Know?

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Crop Formation Appears

Phoenix Arizona May 18, 2005

Dozens of 400′ to 600′ parallel strips are reported laid down in three barley fields near Phoenix, Arizona in the town of Tolleson. The crop were all aligned North-South and don’t appear to cross any of the tramlines. The farm consortium says the field damage is due to irrigation methods that create swollen barley stalk and top heavy pods that subsequently fall over.

Anomalous Energies

Many of the plants inside the Phoenix crop formations bear witness to anomalous energies in the form of elongated nodes or ‘blown node collars’ – expulsion cavities that are heated by an extreme energy to the point that their internal moisture turns into steam causing them to explode and rupture like popcorn. The explanation of simple ‘wind and water damage’ isn’t responsible for creating expulsion cavities and elongated nodes. W.C. Levengood hypothesizes that plants in some sampled formations are affected by a spinning plasma vortex that contains microwave energies. The microwaves heat the plant cells, softening and collapsing the stems into the fluid patterns that we have come to associate with genuinely mysterious formations such as the barley crop in Phoenix. Many crop formations including the one in Phoenix appear near some sort of body of water: a creek, aquifier, or in the case of the Phoenix formation, a drainage irrigation ditch. See links below for reports and laboratory results of the crop samples.

Stephanie Phelps collecting samples of barley in Tolleson field for analysis.

Stephanie Phelps collecting samples of barley in Tolleson field for analysis.


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Crop Formation & Cuneiform Hebrew Tablets

Many people commented on the similarity of the crop formation to ancient cuneiform and Hebrew writing. After extensive review of countless tablets to ascertain their “look and feel” the above were chosen at random as they unquestionably stood out. The literal interpretation of each tablet was not read until after the process of selection took place, revealing, and proposing yet another mystery, and a message. The photo collage (above) is not a one on one interpretation of the crop formation, but meant to convey an intuitive process.

Message of the Tablets

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
~ Albert Einstein

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