Reached by a 45-minute drive south from Lima along the Pan American Highway, the tiny coastal village of Chilca is renowned for its therapeutic Mud and UFO’s; within the lagoons of Chilca can be found a wonderful mud whose molecular structure is unique on earth. Locals attribute these unexplainable healing properties to the constant fly over of UFO’s that seemingly radiate the waters.


Healing Mud from Spaceships?

Famous for its therapeutic lagoons, miracle mud, and flying saucers said to infuse the ponds with their “healing properties,” the municipality eagerly await their extra-terrestrial visitors with a sign that reads, “You Are Welcome,” not necessarily referring to the tourists. During the summer holiday season the entire village transforms into a spa. For this reason, restaurants and lodges are plentiful and never lack in patrons. The economy is sustained by the healing mud, sightings of UFO’s and an industry of brick making.

Fountain of Youth

Serenity of the parched desert punctuated by an aquamarine coastline and the peculiar coloration of the lagoons, laden with restorative minerals give the area its mystical quality. The lagoons are said to cure everything from acne to rheumatism and boast numerous cures. Faith in the treatment has given way to a curious enigma as people arrive sick, and in a short while depart restored. The nutrient rich mud is applied topically as a natural peel acting to revitalize the cells of the skin and eliminate toxins. After thoroughly muddying oneself, the patron retires to lie in the sun, and bake, until done. The secret of the cure is in letting the mud dry very, very, well. Several treatments are recommended for best results.

Healing Lagoons ” The Eyes of the Sea” 

The ” Lagoon of Miracles”  with its distinct greenish color containing minerals of chloride of sodium, sulfate, and carbonate of calcium, lies near the entrance of the town and is recommend for skin aliments, acne, rheumatism, and especially arthritis.

The “Lagoon of Enchantment” is indeed believed to be enchanted. A crevasse in the interior of the lagoon links it directly with the sea via an underwater canal. This mud is recommended for aliments of the eyes, nerves, joints, and low blood pressure.

The “Lagoon of Mellicera” is said to increase fertility which may account for the unusually high birth rate of twins in the village. Used to cure skin and bones aliments, including relief from diabetes, legends of Mellicera Lagoon recall a Giant who enjoyed an occasional dip; such importance did the legend command that residents of Chilca never dared bathe in the Giants’ bath until recently.

Tales of Spaceships

Frequent sightings of spaceships emitting spectacular lights over Chilca have been well documented. Residents maintain that an underwater port exists offshore and that two carved stones depicting “seven pointed stars” are visible on the summit of the nearby mountain indicating a vortex, and the interdimensional base. Rumors persist that scientists from NASA have visited the area to measure the atmosphere within the vortex, and that the vortex and the offshore base are connected to the nearby temple complex of Pachacamac, the oldest “oracular” destination in the Americas.

Concepcion Balcazar (age 99), a Chilca resident for the past century recalls seeing not one but several luminous objects in the sky above his home. The sighting occurred nearly 50 years ago as a fleet of spacecraft skimmed over the village at dawn. World War II had just begun and Balcazar became very frightened believing that the country was under attack. Later, when he shared his story with neighbors, he realized he wasn’t the only one seeing flying craft above Chilca.

A local fisherman, Jose Ormeno Buleje (age 48) recalls a similar story. He confirms the existence of a submerged port offshore near Lapa Lapa beach and YaYa hill. According to Buleje, “huge luminous objects depart from under the sea at full speed and in a second or two cross the entire sky, disappearing northward. I have viewed them so many times I’ve lost count.”  Resident David Whose ventured onto the Mellicera lagoon in a small raft one day carrying a very long line, weighted with a stone on one end. He wanted to know how deep the water was. Throwing the measure overboard he was astonished to find that the sounding line never touched bottom. Whose believes the Mellicera pond is connected with the offshore underwater port, which in turn, feeds it a type of “radiation” necessary for transforming ordinary mud into miraculous mud.

The Twin Maker Lagoon is notorious for solving fertility problems; indeed the village proliferates in an abundance of twins with more than 100 pairs in the town of 10,000. The faithful rub slick black goo reeking of sulfur all over their bodies in hopes of easing a multitude of health related maladies including chronic back pain. Chilca’s people aren’t deterred by the skepticism. Twins Veronica and Monica Sanchez whose mother regularly bathed in The Twin Maker, say many of their friends have seen strange objects hovering over Chilca. “They are bright lights which form a circle and hover over the ponds and at the beach,” Veronica said.

“People often report sightings of strange lights in the night sky over Chilca and believe in UFOs,” says Mayor Numa Rueda. Locals say that space ships harvest an unknown material from the ocean off Chilca’s beach and leave behind substances that reach the ponds through underground springs giving them their curative powers. Chilca is not the only place in Peru’s southern desert people believe are frequented by extraterrestrials. On the plains of Nazca, 185 miles to the southeast, giant lines and earth drawings etched in the sand centuries ago by the Nazca Indians have attracted UFO buffs and spawned a best-selling book “Chariots of the Gods,” in the early 1970s. Although archaeologists ridiculed the idea the enigma has yet to be solved.

On a recent day in Chilca dozens of mud-covered Peruvians bask on the sides of each pond while others swim in the waist-deep water. The ponds are surrounded by cheap hotels including one called The Twin Maker; says one bather, “The mud is rich and we’d love to have twins.”  Mud wrestling anyone?