Carmen’s Miracle



The Chapel of the Lord of Huanca was erected over the Painted Rock, as seen above, in accordance with Diego Quispe’s vision in 1675 A.D.

I Have Chosen You to be a Dove . . .

Carmen Flores Altamirano thought she had heard all the stories, and she was not impressed. She’d been told that He was very strict and very tough. Not a kind savior at all. So her first impression of the Lord of Huanca had not been a positive one. Later she heard otherwise, that the Lord of Huanca was merciful and miraculous and that people could ask of Him anything. She was told the Lord truly listened. Carmen decided to find the truth for herself and made plans to visit the Sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca.




An hours drive from Cusco on the majestic slopes of Apu Pachatusan mountain, the chapel of the Lord of Huanca commemorates the appearance of the Christ Jesus. High above the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca are two sources of water attributed with miraculous healing properties and visited by thousands of pilgrims annually.

A Timely Visit

In 1998 Carmen Flores Altamirano visited the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca, nestled in a sprawling mountainside forest of tall pine and eucalyptus, with healing pools scattered about, and home to a small chapel dedicated to the appearance of the Lord Jesus in the 1600’s.

Carmen sat for a time in the wilderness retreat and prayed, feeling at one with the sweet energy of the site. As she was about to leave and nearly as an after-thought, she decided to ask the Lord for a favor as was the tradition among the many pilgrims to the site. Her family was in need of a house, and although she had little hope of obtaining one, she decided that she had nothing to lose and made the request. After returning home and quite unexpectedly, a house was made available to the family with very little effort. Awhile later Carmen determined to return to the Sanctuary to make devotions, and offer her deepest gratitude. Again, as she was leaving, she asked if it would be possible to have a place for the children to swim as the summer heat was oppressive, with little relief. Astonishingly, a summer cottage with a pool was soon made available. After receiving these wondrous gifts Carmen had little doubt as to the magnitude of the miracles, and she would soon learn this was only the beginning.

One Picture Worth 10,000 Words

Carmen soon organized a small family reunion in order that she and her entire family could properly acknowledge their appreciation to the Lord of Huanca. This time she journeyed to Pacha Tusan mountain accompanied by her mother, daughter and a niece. The day was glorious and the family enjoyed the quiet solace of Ciloe Park, adjacent to the small chapel where the Lord had appeared to Diego Quispe in 1675. Her niece had been taking photos of the many sacred fountains and at one point she had asked Carmen and her daughter, Romina, to pose for a picture. Normally, Carmen did not like being photographed. But because of her great love for this place, she put her arm around her daughter and smiled for the camera. The day had been blissful. When all their prayers and devotions had been offered they returned home. A few weeks later Carmen received an excited call from her niece. Something incredible had been caught in the photo. The presence of an extraordinary light was apparent, it shown so brightly that you could not even see their faces.

Carmen was humbled and truly overwhelmed by the miraculous appearance of the shimmering cross of light. Believers saw it as the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. All agreed that it was a great blessing, an acknowledgment of the Lord’s love. By way of appreciation Carmen commissioned a large copy of the picture be delivered to the sanctuary as an expression of her gratitude.

The miraculous photo can be viewed in the small alcove adjacent to the public access where one may reach through a small rectangular opening in the wall, and touch the painted rock.


Carmen’s photo has resonated with many people and taken on a life of its own. People claim to see other figures in the photo, including the presence of Jesus and Mary. Television producers called wanting Carmen to participate in programs. A modest, private woman, Carmen declined. She’d recently returned from visiting the site and was startled when people had wanted to touch her, as if she were something special. One day, a client of Carmen’s who’d recently visited the Vatican, brought her an official Vatican Stamp with an imprint of the photo on it. Soon afterward, she received news that an emissary of the Vatican would travel to Peru to meet her.

Father Filipe arrived in Lima and together he and Carmen journeyed to the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca. Carmen recounted all the details of the events leading up to the time of the photo. She and Father Felipe took many pictures that day, including an extraordinary photograph of an intense rose-colored light descending from the sky in a brilliant halo-like display. Upon his departure Father Felipe invited Carmen to visit him at the Vatican. Carmen’s miraculous photo continues to astonish, delight and bring hope to the tens of thousands of pilgrims who visit the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca every year.

Carmen Flores Altamirano- a gifted healer, studied with the Mamacha of Wuasau. Every year in June a Health Fair is held in Wuasau sponsored by the local people. Carmen has become a well-known personage at this yearly event, and is highly sought for her counsel. In addition to her spiritual work Carmen has studied accounting at Cusco National University. She lives in Lima.



Dispached from the Vatican to authenticate the miracle as witnessed by Carmen Flores,
Father Felipe, photographed an intense rose-colored light descending from the sky in a brilliant halo-like display.

Crosses of Light



Carmen Flores and family.
Photograph: Cross of Light appears in the gardens of the Lord of Huanca.


Cross of Light appears in photograph of the Julian Francia family, in
the gardens of the Lord of Huanca.


Rose-colored Light appears at Machu Picchu 2010.

putupic3aCross of Light appears at Machu Picchu late September 2001.


Light Cross appears in Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

The Lord of Huanca at Pacha Tusan Mountain