Cabrera’s Secret Chamber Ica Stones of Peru


In October 2001 having returned from four weeks in Peru and a private interview with Dr. Javier Cabrera at his home and museum in Ica, little did I realize it would be the last interview the doctor would grant before succumbing to cancer on December 30, 2001.

Although obviously frail, the doctor greeted me cordially. This having been our third meeting in as many years. I was anxious to learn of the future of his museum and to ask what I might do to assist. I was carrying a message from a wealthy businessman in Lima who had offered to fund a foundation for the Ica Stone Museum.

Arriving in the early afternoon to the colonial Great House located directly on the main plaza of Ica city founded by the doctor’s ancestral family, the doctor received me in his formal sitting room. As our meeting concluded he indicated he’d like me to follow him, and began to make his way down a long, winding, carved wooden stairwell that connected the multi-level floors of his stately manner home to his street level offices below.

Shielded from view of his Ica Stones Museum and buried under piles of documents, there was another room with floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves strewn with dozens of carved stones, artifacts, pottery pieces, and old cloth bound books hidden from view. The secret chamber was slightly off to the side of his main office. I had heard about this elusive alcove with its highly controversial enigmas though little had prepared me for the sight I was about to behold.

As the door swung open a profound sense of awe swept over me as row upon row of carved imagery depicting an ancient saga were delineated in great detail. The doctor smiled wryly, encouraging me to examine and hold the stones, which I did. And, then prompting me to photograph the entire collection perhaps for the last time. Spread out on hand-hewn wooden shelves was an ancient enigma arrayed in precise detail. An enigma which until present, the doctor had ascertained as being “far too controversial” for public consumption; this coming from a man who was no stranger to controversy.

His powerful convictions and unrelenting faith in the remarkable stone library had, in the past, perhaps more then the library itself, prompted me to consider their potential authenticity. That was, until I entered the secret room. Now, with gut level knowing I realized the immensity of the riddle. The doctor had been entrusted with an ancient time capsule carrying a profound message for humankind. As the stones custodian and savant, he would now serve as their liberator.


An ancient Stone Library
left by a space-faring civilization.