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Table of Contents
Introduction, Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.
Sons of the Ray, Dr. Marino Sanchez, Ph.D
Sacred Earth, Sr. Javier Ruzo
Voices of the Mesa

This beautifully-illustrated, 176-page hardcover features over 400 color photographs, illustrations, and maps; a 70-page pictorial gallery is included with images from the two most popular routes: The Humanity Circuit, and the Treasure Circuit; a two-page map identifies the most well-known monuments.


Ancient prophecies worldwide point to this time as the transition, or emergence, of a new “World Age”. The prophecies maintain that there were previous ages which were believed to have evolved to a point of high civilization, followed by a total and profound cataclysm, and subsequent global collapse. We are now at the end of a world cycle, and have entered the next phase of evolution.

The oral histories of the indigenous peoples of the Americas say that we are now in the “great purification”, a period when the world clears away the old, creating the opportunity for new growth. Before the emergence into the next Age can take place, a purging of all that is imbalanced will occur, restoring the natural cycles of the planet, and of Life itself. The indigenous Elders see this not as a period of despair, but one of birthing, and bringing about a new and better world; a time to release the old ways, and embrace a global spirit of cooperation. They tell us that the solutions are before us, if only we have the eyes, and the wisdom, to see them. They say that if we are to live this philosophy courageously, we must become caretakers of our planet, and raise our own individual conscious state in order to succeed in raising the consciousness of the collective whole. The “Sacred Mountain” of Markawasi is one such place, where the planetary restoration becomes intimately alive, and is enabled. Thus, the process creates a healing, and a birthing ensues.

Known as a place existing outside of the boundaries of time, the Markawasi Stone Forest rises majestically 12,800 feet above the world on the western Andean ridge; lying at its base along the Pacific coastline is the city of Lima, Peru. Punctuating the ancient landscape of this three-mile long, tabletop mountain are massive carved effigies, including curious replicas of unknown human races and long-extinct animals. Among the effigies may be found mind-boggling images of winged sphinxes, elephants, camels, and animals which are unknown to this age and continent. With its sixteen carved faces of the Races of Man, the massive Monument to Humanity stands out as the most spectacular and prominent structure, dominating the landscape.


Who were the builders of this phenomenal site?

Scholars of ancient Andean mysteries believe the sculpted Peruvian plateau predates the Pre-ceramic Period of Peru and the great dynastic periods of Egypt, yet holds a direct link to the Isis Mysteries. How is this possible? With its mysterious and stunning monuments emulating, among other things, Egyptian deities, and with its claims of spontaneous healings, plus recorded testimony of ultra-dimensional visitors, the mysterious plateau is believed to be the remnant of a proto-historical culture previous to the Great Flood. Cocooned in oblivion for eons, and sculpted into the ancient landscape by a mysterious lost humanity, the Markawasi Stone Forest has reawakened at this pivotal moment in history.

Markawasi details the true account of an ancient, lost humanity of mysterious origin, whose hidden legacy carved gigantic, towering, stone monuments, pointing to a message with predictions for the future. First discovered by Daniel Ruzo in 1952, who excitedly pronounced it the most important sculptured work existing on the earth today, and soaring high above the Pacific coast on the western-most ridge of the Peruvian Andes, directly above Lima, Peru, Markawasi was virtually unknown to the English-speaking world a decade ago. Readers will undertake a journey through the pages of Markawasi, connecting the clues and evidence of a technologically and culturally-advanced civilization that held the keys to all human knowledge.

There are many important facets of Markawasi, all pieces of an incredible, complex puzzle. For the ancient healers, a rich pharmacopoeia of medicinal plants, the bounty of the mesa, provided remedy of physical and spiritual ailments. Twenty-two energy vortexes, called “cruzes”, or crosses, carved in stone, each having a specific healing power, are easily visible on the plateau and have an undeniable energy that can be felt without any special preparation or sensitivity; spontaneous cases of healings have been reported. From the mountain the landscape diminishes into the distance, calling attention to the abysses and plummeting stairways, shrouded in mist. On clear nights, the stars descend so close that one could nearly touch them. From the West, brilliant rays reflect off the sea. There are other atmospheric phenomena of which there is no explanation. Certainly they present themselves at any moment with elongated, circular or oval form, and sometimes emanate strong lights that blind the eyes.

The enigmatic forms sculpted by the rocks have created a series of conjectures, theories, and hypotheses that possess an esoteric, metaphysical, and para-psychological construct. Ultimately they speak of a psychic conception, and even of an extraterrestrial origin. The esoteric may be found in the sphere of occult and magical knowledge, and therefore in the hands of certain individuals or adepts. Daniel Ruzo believed the monuments mark the general area of the caves and caverns that made possible the salvation of our humanity, and those previous, during the time of the great catastrophes, and were created by a humanity that lived before the time of the flood for which Noah built his Ark. These cultures arise from an earlier, forgotten culture, originating from proto-historical times, in which the same gods are represented. The earlier culture suffered the convulsions of the flood, and remained witness to an “Atlantean people”, writes Ruzo, “of which we have found the same traces in the Americas.”

In the midst of Atlantis, wrote Manly P. Hall, was a Sacred Mountain, whose summit touched the heavens; sacred among many races, and symbolic of the human head, which rises out of the four elements of the body. The Sacred Mountain was the temple of the gods, recalled in the stories of Olympus and Meru. “The City of the Golden Gates—the capital of Atlantis—is the one now preserved among numerous religions as the City of the Gods, or the Holy City. It is the archetype of the New Jerusalem, with its streets paved with gold, and its twelve gates shining with precious stones.” Encoded in the rocky enchantment of the Peruvian Andes are the Mysteries, rooted in the Universal archetype, mirroring the supreme center of all initiatic knowledge, from where the ancient gods directed the Wheel of Time, and descended forth to judge the fate of Man.

The voices in this book are the recorded testimonies of the many lives that have been touched by the enigma of Markawasi. In collaboration, we have strived to tell the story through a photo-pictorial, including the many theories, conjectures, debates, and memoirs. There are many ways to behold this mystery. It took twenty-five years to find my way to the Mountain, and when I arrived, it changed my life. Certainly there can be no doubt that the mesa holds a key to our collective journey – a singular journey we traverse together. The Stone Forest is one place where this journey manifests, becoming tangible and intimately alive.

The great and enduring mystery of the Mountain beckons … will you heed the call?

– Kathy Doore

“It is an honor and privilege to contribute the Introduction to this guidebook on the stone monuments of Markawasi. There are lessons to be learned from Markawasi that will benefit all of humankind. Markawasi as a whole, I believe, represents one of the quintessential high holy spots on Earth. There are many ways to describe it: in terms of a power point or power place, a center of power, an Earth vortex, a chakra point of the living Gaia, or a congruence of planetary leys or ley lines. No matter what words are used in an attempt to express the nature of Markawasi, they will never do it full justice. The ineffable aspect of the plateau must be experienced.” –Robert M. Schoch, PhD Author of Pyramid Quest, Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, and Voices of the Rocks


“…newfound personal insights to encounters with “OVNI’s” (UFO’s), “Xendras” (orbs of intense light) and “Apu” (spirit guides).”

Marcia Corenman, San Diego, CA

I eagerly awaited the delivery of Kathy Doore’s new book; Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest and was delighted the day it arrived. The book’s cover is a stunning glossy black. It features a photograph of a native woman, San Pedro de Casta resident Brigaida Bautista Medina, in traditional regalia. Her profile is juxtaposed with a profile of the “Monument to Humanity,” the gateway to Markawasi’s Stone Forest. The gargantuan boulder looks remarkably like the woman even down to the shadow cast by the sun onto their faces. The photograph is an excellent foretaste of the images yet to be revealed.

The design and layout of the book is exquisite. The use of color-coded backgrounds by section, and the more than four hundred brilliant photographs and illustrations contribute to a dazzling visual experience. There is no doubt that the horizontal format was selected to convey the grandeur of this stone forest by using twenty-two inch panoramic sized images stretched across the pages. Without reading a word, I was already captivated by the unique wonders of Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest.

Markawasi is a travel guide, personal journey and catalyst for awakening others to the healing powers that lie deep within the Earth. It is also the story of how these powers are manifested in the mysterious and mystical images revealed in the rock faces of the Markawasi Stone Forest. The “Temples of Light and Shadow” that make up the Stone Forest are mapped with geographic coordinates (GPS) to facilitate viewing each stone sculpture from the optimal vantage point. Each sculpture is presented on a separate page with photographs and illustrations. For example, the Woman with Child sculpture on pages 56-57 is illustrated by a photo insert of a native woman carrying her child tied to her back in a rebozo (manta) along with a drawing to help the reader “see” the features of the sculpture. Much of the commentary is from the archives of Daniel Ruzo, who originally observed and catalogued the major sites of Markawasi over a nine-year period in the mid- 20th Century.

The key to understanding Markawasi and its profound beauty lies in your point-of-view, a theme that permeates the book. In fact, Ms. Doore’s presentation is very comprehensive and covers not only the typical guide-book information you would expect. But, more importantly, she explains what cannot be seen, the mythology and legend surrounding the origin and meaning of the site as well as the culture of the people of San Pedro de Casta, the caretakers of Markawasi.

Ms. Doore artfully prepares the reader for the impact of the mystical experiences recounted by the Markawasi contributing authors. First, she introduces the geological theories of the origin of the Stone Forest and the opinion of some that the sculptures are simply “simulacra”, natural objects that in the mind’s eye take the shape of human faces and animals. She then places the Markawasi site in the context of other archeological sites in Peru such as Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley of the Incas, as well as sacred sites around the world that are linked by the similarity of the symbols discovered at the sites. Add to this milieu, the mystery surrounding the interpretation of the Nazca Lines and the discovery of “gliptoliths” in the Ocucaje Desert purported to document the origin and evolution of humankind. And finally, the archeological history of the site is presented along with the sacred symbols, myths and legends of the site’s proto-historical origin. It is through this prism that the author reveals the true mind-bending nature of the site and the reader’s point-of-view of Markawasi is altered.

It is in this context that Ms. Doore’s personal experiences and those of her contributors are accepted by the reader as, “the ineffable aspect of the plateau.” The experiences described range from tingling sensations to awareness of electrical humming sounds and newfound personal insights to encounters with “OVNI’s” (UFO’s), “Xendras” (orbs of intense light) and “Apu” (spirit guides). Each commentary illuminates another aspect of the unique Markawasi experience that is best described as “a cosmic doorway that opens occasionally, allowing exploration of other realms beyond our own”. It is apparent that the whole of the book merely scratches the surface of the wonders and mysteries of Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest.

Contributors include Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., a geologist best known for re-dating the Great Sphinx in Egypt that was documented in the Emmy award-winning film, The Mystery of the Sphinx. Photographers Sean Adair and Peter E. Schneider; Journalist, Lisa Rome; Artist, Javier Ruzo, the grandson of the late Daniel Ruzo who until his death in 1991 was the sole authority on the historical legacy of Markawasi. Dr. Marino Sanchez, Ph.D., an anthropologist and expert in archaeological and ethnological investigations of the ancient cultures of his Peruvian homeland; Lydia Colon, artist and world-traveler; Pablo Chong, seeker & Inn-keeper; Erik Mendoza, Peru Tour Guide; Stephanie Phelps, Medium; and Annette Everitt, fellow-traveler.

Reviewed by: Marcia Corenman, San Diego, CA