Dragon Paths
Crop Circles & the Sacred Triangle

By Kathy Doore for Labyrinthina 1997 – 2007

The area known as the Sacred Triangle consists of three ancient centers – Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury, home to the world’s largest three-dimensional Labyrinth. Strong earth currents and electromagnetic centers are found in these places and through the use of dowsing have been tracked and plotted. An interesting feature of this land is the many sacred sites located along straight tracks reaching across the countryside known as Ley Lines.

Dowsers have noted that these manmade lines running over the ‘lay of the land’ run in tandem with an overlay of invisible energy current known as energy leys, or earth energies. The most notable energy leys are associated with the ‘Michael and Mary’ lines which stretch from southwest England at Carn les Boel near Lands End directly across the country to the northeast shore at Hopton in East Anglia (for exact map pick up a copy of The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst).

Ancient churches, stone circles, dolmans and holy wells appear along these trackways. Energies are either distinctly yin or yang as noted in the Chinese study of Feng Shui and referred to as dragon paths. When one engages in sacred work at these sites our body electric is highly affected by the electromagnetic anomaly of the site itself and can facilitate higher states of consciousness.

While traveling through the countryside working with these energies and sacred patterns in the landscape, my interest in the crop circle phenomena was piqued, for I often found myself working with earth energies upon the same ground where earlier crop formations had occurred. I wondered it there were a connection?

Crop circles appeared earlier this century as simple circles in the landscape although they have been noted throughout history. In the late sixties the circle phenomena became more widespread with ever increasing complexity from simple circles to elaborate pictograms. According to the North American Institute for Crop Circle Research, formations increased in number and appeared across the planet including the USA. The first recorded circle in the United States appeared in Gulf Breeze, Florida in November 1989, at Shoreline Park. It was followed by dozens more in the Midwest, America’s circle country. Geometric forms in wheat and barley fields are common between May and September with the greatest number of formations appearing in the Sacred Triangle region of England. Generally appearing overnight without eyewitness, some of the fields seem to be visited again and again with new circles appearing where previous ones had been. See our article: “A Return to Avalon”.

Circle watchers have become a common site in and around these areas as are foreign specialists and British military surveillance teams. People have noted anomalies such as unusual layering of crops in the formation of clockwise, counterclockwise and straight patterns. Strong radiation has been detected within the first hour of a formation. Unusual noises such as a “trilling” sound have been heard and a “buzz” is often recorded at 5kHz. In many cases UFO’s, balls of light, and other unusual sightings have been seen just prior to circle formation.

Researchers have found crop stems bent as if heated to a high degree and simply pinched over (unlike man made circles wherein the shaft is broken). A microwave energy seems to be involved with the formation of the circles. Most formations appear along energy leys connected to the planetary grid system. An intriguing aspect of the phenomena is the tendency for crop circles to appear in the vicinity of prehistoric sacred sites, with several pictograms appearing near Stonehenge and Silbury Hill near Avebury, England.

Avebury, known as the ancient Goddess site of Great Britain, is energetically linked with places of power worldwide. Silbury Hill is noted as it’s prime generator, a world center or Axis Mundi. This ancient site is one of the oldest and largest man made mound structure in Northern Europe originally tiered with six levels and a flat top somewhat resembling the Egyptian pyramid Zoser at Sakkara.

A powerful energy ley runs up through Silbury – the feminine Mary line. This energetic ley crosses the male Michael line within the Avebury stone circle complex nearby forming a power point vortex or node. Standing upon one of these node points you will very likely feel your body vibrating and running energy. This energy can be harnesses, amplified, and released in ritualized forms of healing. Several crop circle pictograms have appeared at the base of Silbury Hill along the energy ley.

With ever increasing diversity patterns such as the enormous triangular pictogram at Burbury Castle challenge our imagination and interpretive capabilities. This pictogram closely resembles ancient alchemical symbols depicting primeval matter being brought to life by a flash from the world of Spirit. In essence, energy flows through the circles which, once activated, start the process of creation. Alchemy postulates that each circle has a different function – one serving as the point of energy conduction, another as a resonating repeater, the third as the absorber. The center is the place of stabilization which harmonizes the energies conducted from the heavenly body to earth. Thus, the Burbury formation might be read as a representation of the cosmic egg or Philosophers Stone from which all life emanated.

According to Hermetic texts the process of Creation signals the transition from primeval chaos to cosmic order – the transition from one dimensional state into another. Is this what the circles herald? Are they in fact messages from the divine?

In this age of rapid change and instantaneous manifestation we are called upon as partners with Spirit in the restructure, balance and harmonization of our planet. The circle phenomena reminds us there is a much larger reality than the one we are presently living. A Hopi elder after being shown a photo of a circle formation which included a crescent inside a circle, stated, “I know this symbol for millennia as a part of our Hopi prophesy, the symbol announces the return of the Star people
they are already here.”

Barbury appears in Urubamba, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

Barbury Castle Formation July 17, 1991


David Kingston ~ This has to be one of my favourite formations. I remember travelling from Dorset at 6.45am on the morning of the 17th July after receiving a telephone call from a friend who lived in Marlborough at 5.45am on his way to work. Carrying my equipment, compass, tape deck, RF Scanner and other items I set off, soon leaving Dorset far behind.

Upon arriving near Barbury Castle I was somewhat disappointed to be met by the Army who had set up an exclusion zone around, not only the field the formation was in but also in adjacent  fields. I eventually, through devious methods, made my way to a high vantage point. The sight was amazing, I do not think I have ever been so “blown away” by seeing a formation. (position of formation)  The sight was mind-blowing. I just had to be in that formation, some force, something was drawing me to it. One hour later I was on my way, the Army were dispersing. After seeking out what turned out to be a farm labourer, the following story emerged.

He had been stopped by the Army at 5.45am from going along a footpath to work, the reason given, a military piece of equipment had been lost from a helicopter and the Army were searching the fields for it he had been told, until the alleged piece of equipment was found an exclusion zone would remain in existence, he had also been told. I asked him if the army had been in the field where the formation was. He stated that he had gone back home and telephoned the farmer so was not aware if they had. The Army had over-stepped their jurisdiction. I do not believe they had lost anything personally and had no jurisdiction to close fields or roads. The only government body that could have requested the Army in to assist was the M.A.F.F. (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).

After a telephone call to them later that day they stated that they knew nothing of the affair. Upon entering the field I found no signs of footprints which I would have expected if the army had trampled across the field. The formation was in pristine condition, no damage could be seen. My ears hurt and I felt as if there was a huge electrostatic charge as the hairs on my arms were bristling. The compass was spinning wildly and I took measurements from the RF scanner and other equipment I had. Not one photograph I took that morning was printable from that formation at ground zero (they were all fogged), other researchers that followed later did take “pole shots” and they came out alright, it did not seem to effect aerial photographs. I have often wondered since if I had returned later I could have taken some photographs at ground zero and they would have been alright. The sound that appeared on the sound recording equipment was unusual to say the least, nothing like the “electronic sparrow” sound that I had managed to record in another formation.

The Army presence to this day remains a mystery. The formation unfortunately did not stay pristine for very long and soon it became a victim of severe wind damage and many feet.       © David Kingston.

Crop Circle Researcher Witnesses Formation

August 21, 2001 – Nancy Talbet shares her story:

I arrived at the v/d Broeke home in southern Holland on August 8th to begin a two week research project in conjunction with US parapsychologist Dr William Roll and the Parapsychological Services Institute Inc. Dr Roll, whose work with recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK) phenomena had led him to question whether there might be a human consciousness element involved in the crop circle process (similar to that documented by him in multiple poltergeist and haunting cases), wanted to gather geomagnetic and electromagnetic data at the v/d Broeke home and at recent crop circle sites where Robbert v/d Broeke had had pre-cognitive intuitions of their arrival.

For my first 10 days in Holland Robbert and I visited several formations in the area which had occurred prior to my arrival, gathering the baseline data which Dr Roll’s protocol required. During the nights we bicycled out to the fields with the night-vision camcorder and several flash cameras, in order to carry out photographic experiments.

For years Robbert has been taking flash photos at night inside crop circles which, when developed, show single or multiple strange semi-opaque orbs and other light phenomena not usually visible to the naked eye. He has found that such experiments are most productive in new crop circles, but that – in some cases – unusual lights/orbs can be photographed even weeks or months after the initial event. More recently he has discovered that he can actually see quite a few of these light objects before they are photographed and has also noted that many of the objects now being caught on film are not only much brighter and more dense, but are much more complex in structure. I, too, seem to have become more sensitive to the presence of the objects, often seeing brief flashes of light which – when I can get off a shot or two in their direction quickly enough – result in the objects apparently being caught on film.

On the night of August 20-21st 2001, Robbert and I had decided not to go into the fields and were at his parents’ home. Mr and Mrs v/d Broeke had retired to their bedroom on the first floor at the front of the house at around 11.30pm. Robbert’s younger sister, Madelon, had gone to her bedroom on the second floor at the back of the house around this time also, leaving only Robbert and me in the kitchen downstairs. The kitchen window was open and looks out over the 80′-long back garden, at the end of which is a chain-link fence and a 4′-deep trench which runs along the edge of the farm field immediately beyond.

By 3.00am Robbert and I had been in the kitchen discussing the crop circles, their possible causative mechanisms and origins, what they might mean, etc. for several hours. I was tired from weeks of tromping about the fields during the days recording data and then nights of flash photography and videography, and realized that I felt pretty much like I was – or might have been – chasing my tail. I recalled my first visit with Robbert and his family back in 1998 and an incredibly dramatic light display I had witnessed with Mr and Mrs v/d Broeke on my second night in the house. And I thought about all of the other really peculiar incidents on return trips, occurring with increasing frequency – and all of the work that has been done to document and attempt to understand these events – and it suddenly seemed to me that the phenomenon was just too complex, too elusive, too difficult to study. I suppose partly out of fatigue and partly out of frustration I decided to go up to bed, telling Robbert that I was tired of all this “pussy-footing” around and asking, “why can’t this phenomenon be more obvious, more direct?”

I was sleeping in Robbert’s old bedroom which is on the second floor at the back of the house, over-looking the garden and farm-field. The bed is placed so that it faces directly out through two floor-to-ceiling glass doors which go out to a small balcony overlooking the garden and farm field beyond, and there are thin, gauzy curtains hanging at these glass doors. The farm field is clearly visible from the bed. Robbert was still in the kitchen downstairs.

Once upstairs, I pulled the curtains closed (leaving one of the doors open), changed into my nightgown and propped myself up with pillows to read in bed for a while. The lights were on and the room was well-lit. At about 3.05am I heard a few cattle nearby bawling raucously, as cattle do when they are disturbed. From years of talking with farmers and ranchers who have had crop circles (and other unusual events) occur on their properties, I immediately realized that this bawling might be a sign that something strange was afoot and, in the back of my mind, thought “I should go to the windows and pull back the curtains because I might see something.” Whether because of fatigue or some sort of intuition, I stayed in bed and did not pull back the curtains. The cattle quieted down for a few minutes but, at about 3:10am they started up again. And again I thought I should go to the windows and open up the curtains… and, again, I stayed put (in my notes from that night I have written that I was “scared”). After a minute or so the cattle were quiet again.

Then, at about 3:15am, a brilliant, intense white column, or tube, of light – about 8” to 1’ in diameter – from my vantage point-flashed down from the sky to the ground, illuminating my bedroom and the sky as brilliantly as if from helicopter searchlights. My room was so bright I can’t, in retrospect, understand how I could so very clearly see the “tube” of light outside – its distinct edges – but I could, for about a full second, and there seemed to be a slight bluish tinge along the sides of the tube. Then this tube of light disappeared and both my room and the outside went dark. While the tube of light was there it was so bright I couldn’t see exactly where it was touching down and wasn’t sure how close it was.

Approximately one second of total darkness elapsed and then a second tube of the same brilliant white light, slightly edged in a bluish tint, appeared slightly to the left of where the first tube had been. Again the room and the outside lit up spectacularly, somehow leaving the intense tube of light clearly visible for about one second. Then, after another second’s darkness the third and final tube descended to the ground. There was no sound at any time during the light incident (the neighbour’s cattle were now quiet), nor did I smell anything out of the ordinary at all. There was also no physical sensation of exposure to increased electromagnetic energy (such as the tingling I had experienced a few years prior in this same house during an earlier encounter). The entire light display took 5-6 seconds; if the bawling cattle are considered to be part of this situation the total time would be about 10 minutes.

By the time the third tube of light flashed down to the ground I was half out of bed, yelling to Robbert, who was still downstairs in the kitchen. He, at the same time, was running up the stairs to get me, having witnessed the event from the first-floor kitchen Windows. From the kitchen he could see that the tubes of light had hit the bean field, just beyond the fence at the back of the garden, and he reported also that the sky had lit up like daylight when each column of light had occurred. He, however, had seen only two tubes of light, apparently because he had jumped up after the second one, leaving the kitchen to come and get me upstairs. He further indicated in the drawing he made immediately afterward that these tubes of light were spiralling down to the ground. (Actually, when I got out the drawing I had made shortly afterward, I have also indicated a spiralling motion inside the tubes of fight.) Robbert had perceived the tubes of light as being smaller in diameter than I had, but he also saw them as definite, contained, columns which remained the same width all the way down. Neither of us saw anything in the overcast sky from which these tubes of light had originated. Later that night, Robbert reported that he had heard the dog next door barking furiously just prior to the appearance of the light-tubes.

Our yelling back and forth to each other up the stairway had awakened both Madelon and Mrs v/d Broeke, who both emerged into the halfway in excited states. Robbert and I were equally agitated, due to our shared impression of the stunning force of the energy involved… and our mutual, clear, impression of it’s purposefulness. All four of us went immediately to the glass doors at the back of the house off the dining room (directly underneath my bedroom doors), somewhat timidly, not certain of what else we might expect.

Looking out these glass doors we could see nothing up in the sky and after a minute or so Robbert went to the back door off the kitchen and stepped out; I joined him and, tentatively, also went outside. So far as we could tell, everything seemed oddly normal and very dark – looking up we could see only an overcast sky. We headed for the back fence and the farm-field and there, just over the fence about 15’ into the bean-field – just barely visible in the darkness – was the new crop circle. When we turned my flashlight onto the field we could see that half of the crop in the downed area was laid away from us and the other half was laid toward us, and I thought I could faintly see steam rising from the freshly-downed beans (which I attributed to the interaction of the tubes of light with a heavy night-time dew covering the crop).

At dawn the next day, from my bed, I could clearly see the new circle, which turned out to be, in fact, an ellipse of about 35’ in length (running East/West) and 20’ in width (North/South diameter), with a 20’-long pathway adjoining the northern edge which ended in a crossbar (like the capital letter “T”).

Measurements and photographs were taken and a visible difference in leaf colour inside the downed crop areas was observed to be due to the fact that some of the plants were laid away from us, showing the undersides of the leaves, and in other areas the plants were laid toward us, showing us only the tops of the leaves, thus reflecting the light differently. Along this flow-line near the centre of the formation plants growing immediately next to each other were cleanly bent over at their bases in opposite directions, with no visible damage to either the plants or the beans. There was a slight swirling of the plants in the ‘epicentre’ area which, in this case, occurred in the south-eastern quadrant, considerably West from the actual geometric centre of the ellipse.

The northern half of the string bean plants (heavy with beans) were swept counter-clockwise in what looked to be one wide sweep all the way around the ellipse and back along the southern edge. The eastern and western edges of the ellipse were slightly squared, ending abruptly at a row of beans on either side and leaving the plants in these rows along the edges totally unaffected. The pathway off to the North was laid away from the ellipse to its end, the crossbar at the end being laid left (West) and right (East) in simple single sweeps. The width of all the pathways was one row of beans only, about 1 to 1.5’ wide.

We were unable to go into the field until the evening, due to the need to obtain permission from the farmer and to our lack of a ladder to help us negotiate the fence and the steep ditch on the other side. On the evening of the 21st, at about 6.00pm, we did go in and carried out a number of procedures.

The compass showed no deviations within the laid crop (nor at control locations outside the new event) and the electromagnetometer registered a steady 0.2m, the same reading I obtained at the control locations and at all of the other crop circle sites I had tested in the past two weeks. No EM spikes were noted. Examination of the plants showed them all to have been bent over at the base and no broken or split stems were seen. There was no visible trauma to the stems or leaves, or the very healthy-looking beans beneath them. The soil appeared relatively dry both inside and outside the laid-crop area and was fine-grained and dark in appearance (mineralogical characterization of the soil in this field a year previously by BLT lnc.’s consulting mineralogist, Dr Sam lyengar, had indicated that this field is very well maintained, high in organic content and very low in clays).

Because of the Foot and Mouth disease which has been prevalent in Holland (as well as in other western European countries) during the summer of 2001, and the subsequent likelihood that US customs would not allow importation of either plants or soils from Europe into the US, no attempt was made to take soil or plant samples. I did, however, harvest a few handfuls of beans and enjoyed them at dinner a few nights later. So far, I’ve noted no sequelae.

In preparation for one new BLT study, which will evaluate the effects of various energies on normal (non-crop circle) plants and soils, I have had many discussions with microwave and laser experts who are convinced that the crop circles and at least some of the associated light phenomena are simply either “mistakes” by the military and/or industrial research community and/or perhaps pranks by one or another of these groups on the citizenry. If they are “mistakes” it would seem – particularly in light of the recent ghastly events in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania – that we are all in more trouble than was immediately apparent. And the idea that they might be pranks strikes me as perhaps even more frightening, and for the same reason: idiots at the helm is hardly a comforting image. What I suspect, instead, is that these highly trained and proficient microwave/laser engineers just aren’t really “tracking” the available facts yet… like the majority, it seems, of the rest of the population.

On the other hand, in recent conversation with one of the new scientists participating in ongoing BLT Inc. studies, a man highly regarded by his academic colleagues, the idea that we are instead perhaps dealing with a “new kind of energy,” something not seen before, has been discussed. I suspect this idea is much more reflective of reality than is the notion of an inept or adolescent military/industrial research group gone amok.

Was the occurrence of this crop circle related to my frustration over the elusiveness of the phenomenon and my wanting a more obvious indication of the agency involved? It did occur within 10-15 minutes of my having stated my disgust, and it did occur in the closest growing plants (string beans, the first time a circle has been reported in this crop) to my physical self – the whole incident clearly visible from my room; in fact, the very bed I was sleeping in. It was also placed dead-centre between the North and South boundary lines of the v/d Broeke property and about as close to their perimeter fence as possible.

Robbert and I, from our slightly different vantage points, were each quite convinced of both the intense power AND THE PRECISION of the light “tubes” – both of us perceiving the incident as “deliberate, on purpose.” Are our perceptions – not just of this current event, but of multiple crop circle experiences over many years – simply anthropocentric? What are the chances that this recent amazing display was just coincidental? And if it was, why have similar events – the crop circles and all the stunning light phenomena associated with them – been occurring for the last 25-30 years, with increasing frequency and complexity, all over the world? And why repeatedly in fairly precise locations? Why don’t they occur everywhere? And what are the light objects? Are they in fact becoming more complex too, perhaps mirroring the evolution in design of the flattened plants?

Are Robbert and I (and, apparently, many other people) victims of our imaginations? Or is it possible that human faculties are capable, at least in some situations, of recognizing external consciousness and/or purpose in energy-forms or life-forms currently unknown to us and un-named? Robbert and I perceived these light tubes as “on purpose.” Was there a consciousness in those light columns? Or, was there a consciousness directing them? Was it our sub- or unconscious? If not ours, was it Jung’s collective unconscious? Was it a consciousness inherent in Nature? Or was it from another dimension, galaxy or, perhaps, directly from the Almighty? Robbert and I don’t know. What we suspect is that the answers to these questions – in fact the actual pursuit of these answers – will greatly affect human awareness. What we hope is that 21st Century humanity will recognize this possibility soon and join in the effort to uncover new aspects of reality we may currently only faintly imagine.

Nancy Talbet is the director of the BLT (Burke & Talbet) crop circle research team in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
There is a hypothesis that plants in some sampled formations are affected by a spinning plasma vortex that contains microwave energies. The microwaves heat plant cells, softening and collapsing the stems into the fluid patterns we have come to associate with genuinely mysterious formations but we do not know the source of the spinning plasma vortex. This eyewitness in Holland has now seen two different phenomena associated with the creation of fresh formations which suggests there might be different mechanisms for different patterns. To-date three papers presenting the research findings have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as more than 100 lab reports on individual crop formations in the U.S., Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Israel. These scientific papers and laboratory reports outline the physical abnormalities discovered so far in the plants and soils, clearly indicating a causative agency other than human-directed mechanical flattening of the plants, suggesting instead an energy system which emits microwaves and associated unusual electrical and magnetic fields.

* * * * *

Holland Crop Formation Witnessed by Boy
by Nancy Talbet Hoeven, Holland June 1999 – An eyewitness has reported seeing the creation of a crop circle in Hoeven, a southern Holland farm community about 90 minutes from Amsterdam. 19-year-old farmer, Robbert van den Broeke, woke up June 12 at 1:00 am just in time to witness a compelling sight from his bedroom window which looked out over a crop of wheat. He saw something amazing, the formation of a crop circle in the field below!
Nancy Talbet reports the following:
“This is in southern Holland – and it’s concerning again this boy, Robert, who has the ability somehow to know when these things are getting ready to happen and who has been in the middle of a formation when it occurred – this was a couple of years ago. And subsequently, there has been a lot of crop circle activity around where he lives. And Sunday night – actually for several days – the entire weekend, he was having these anxiety feelings that he gets, pacing back and forth, feeling unwell physically which is a phenomenon that occurs prior to one of these situations. And his parents insisted that he go to bed finally Sunday evening, which he did. They in fact checked on him before they went to bed and he was sound asleep.

But what happened is that at 12:15, he woke up and knew to go to the window. He opened the curtains and looked out. His window overlooks this little garden out back and this huge farm field which is directly behind their garden. And what he saw is just incredible! He describes a small, misty, pinkish-purple light – not a sphere, more football shaped – and a little bit smaller than a football, which was coming in over the field at a height of about 10 feet, maybe 12 feet over the field from quite a distance away. It’s quite an enormous field. He watched it as it came closer and closer and closer to this spot that is about 50 meters behind his house. And this is where one of the snow circles occurred a couple of years ago. There was a circle in mustard seed there last spring. He’s had a couple of circles in other crops in that general area. came right back to this area and stopped – the word he used was “hanging” – just stopped in the air and hung over this spot. Then, it started to elongate, spread out is the easiest way to describe it – and it apparently spread out and spread out becoming thinner and thinner looking like a disc, was then how he described it.

When it was about 30 feet in diameter, again, still hanging there – not moving at all except for this expanding motion – then he observed what he calls (Nancy makes sh, sh, sh sound) in Dutch for electrical discharge. He and I have these signals we give back and forth because he doesn’t speak English too well and I don’t speak Dutch at all. And what he means is that he watched electrical discharges coming from the underside of this disc-shaped, misty, pinkish-purple cloud or ball of light for — I would gather — it sounded like six or seven, eight, maybe ten seconds immediately over the field.

Then the light phenomenon simply dissipated, was gone. he was very excited, threw on some clothes and went running out the back and squeaked through the hedge and into the field and lo’ and behold, right smack where that thing had been was a 30 foot diameter circle – I think it’s wheat. They say grain and I’m not sure which kind of grain they mean. And a 10 foot circle very near by, both of which had not been there at 10 o’clock PM when he went to bed. It’s still light in Holland at 10 and you can see out whether it was there and it wasn’t. And here they were.

Q. Did it disappear, fade out or what?

As best as I could get it, the electrical activity stopped and then it just like poof!

Q. And now what’s the time lapse between that poofing out and their discovering the circles?

Well, he went immediately – he literally took about 5 minutes to throw on some clothes. He was in the field within 10 minutes, I would say, and there it was. He said he could see it from his window after this light had gone. He could see there was at least one circle, and he thought there were two – and they were in fact there. And it looks like the whole situation – as it was coming in from way in the distance – that might have taken a minute or so to get up near his windows. But once it was there, everything that happened subsequently didn’t take longer than another minute – the spreading out and then the discharge of whatever this was, and the whole thing happening.

Q. Did he hear any sound whatsoever as this transforming took place?

He didn’t comment on sound. I think he would have commented if he heard anything, but he didn’t mention. What he did say was that when he got in it, he felt this very strong energy and it was very positive, he said. “love, love, love!”

Q. In the circles?

In the circles. This wonderful surge of energy and his parents told me that he came to wake them up after he had been in the circles – he just sort of sat in this big one, I think, for awhile and then he went to tell his parents because he was so excited. They went and looked at it and they said it was remarkable because every time it happens with this kid, he feels very ill. He is not a happy camper at all several days prior to the event. And it was a transformation — he was full of beans and feeling great and energized and all the illness forgotten completely — which they’ve seen happen before.

This is very interesting. he was very clear that it was not a UFO. It was a light, a misty, foggy light, and it apparently retained that character, even when it became disc-like looking. In his opinion, it did not look metallic or solid the way I know many of these reports are. In his mind, or to his eyes, it retained this sort of misty character, even when it became disc-shaped rather than football-shaped.

Q. So it remained the pink, glowing?

Yeah, and he said he had never seen a color quite like that — it was amazing to him. Pinkish-purple.

Q. Did he ever feel at that point that he got any images in his mind as if there was any kind of telepathic communication?

He didn’t say anything about that either, although he has had encounters in the past – this time when he was in the field and these small, sort of grapefruit-sized whitish balls were in the field – that was a daytime encounter, two years ago now, and he was simply riding in the field on his bike and had stopped off in this one field that he particularly likes. And observed hundreds of these grapefruit and tennis ball-sized white – milky white sort of opaquish balls, some of which approached him and began circling around him. At which point, he became unconscious and when he woke up he was in the middle of this crop circle – a brand new one.

At that time, he also saw an entity – a form – that he perceived as female and it did transmit information to him, or he had the impression of that. And that figure has returned at least one more time – I think two more times – once to the garden out back of his house and once in his bedroom actually. He has a name for it. He thinks he knows its name which iIbelieve he prefers to keep private. He has a name for it he prefers to keep quiet. And it does transmit some sort of telepathic communication about the crop circles being very important for mankind to be paying attention to and he thinks that it has something to do with the environment and deceit – that the crop circles are somehow or other an antidote or there is something about the crop circles that is to fight deceit.

Q. To fight deceit as lying and hiding?

Yes, in humankind generally. That something like that – he doesn’t understand it all. It’s not clear. And he has no idea why he himself is involved, but as a parallel to all this – what has happened with him is that he has developed this incredible apparent healing abilities and he has people coming – he makes appointments all day long – now they’ve limited it to, I think, three days a week – where people come with all sorts of physical and mental problems and he has some ability that he doesn’t understand at all to identify what their trouble is and often to heal them. In fact, apparently in the majority of cases, they become well after a session with Robert. And that happened – all this came about after he started getting involved with the crop circles.

Q. It’s interesting that he would say that they might have something to do with fighting deceit because the thing that has struck all of us over the past decade is they are worldwide, they are right there in front of you, and it is as if something has been trying to do signaling or communication outside of the restricted paradigms of political systems.

Yeah. I have to say, I know this boy pretty well. I know his family pretty well. These are very straight, middle-class Dutch hardworking people. There is nothing flamboyant, there is nothing foolish about these people at all. And they have questioned and questioned all this up until fairly recently. And now they have just accepted that it’s happening and are doing their best to cope with whatever it means. But I am about as sure as I can be that Robert is simply telling exactly what he saw to the best of his ability. And he himself is trying like crazy to understand why it happens where he is, what he’s supposed to do about all of this, and then just proceed.