An Alchemical Moment
Light Cross appears in Machu Picchu
By Kathy Doore


The material world made manifest are enjoined by the laws of light, that which was before shall be again. It is our assumption that which came before was good and plenty and so it shall be again. For that which has been made pure by reason of thought, love, inception shall go forth anew. What is required is an act of faith for only by this gifting process shall ye know the righteousness of divine law. Is it not true that man as a being of nature obscure in his thinking has always sought for light, truth, dignity? Man is both the thinker and the doer, knower and the known, the present and the omnipresent. That which is above so shall it be on earth.

The laws of light are the blueprint for the human soul. The terrestrial map overlaid by the celestial landscape truly is as above, so below. The transmutation of the soul is the work of divine presence, the connection to All That Is. It is not something “out there” – it is “In Here, in each and every one of you! By your acts you are known, observed, loved, yes, loved all. The path is obscure yet it is all laid before you. For those with the eyes to see, the path is illumined. One need simply take the small steps forward into their awakening, and so shall it be. Illumination is present in the minds of men when they seek with purity that which is uttermost present in the heart, the divine seed.

This door of illumination indicates the place within your realm where worlds meet, forces collide, illumination is present. Possibilities abound! It has been revealed to one who followed the path of heart, now it is available to many. It is a gift, yes, but one which all may partake. It is humankinds gift to Self, and to the greater family of the Stars. The process is laid out within the matrix itself so that it is known, yet concealed. It is before you, yet shielded. All the elements are given, made available at all times. The one who is “of the presence of the divine” shall open this seal, the gift of the gods. And so the conclusion will be met. Is this not a good thing?

When one begins the game of life, takes on the values of the material presence, is it not to gain the higher precepts of Spirit? For what is a school without pupils? What is a life without Spirit? What is divine intercession without souls who embody the very essence of this divinity? We seek to be self realized, all. There is no other way.

Man has a path laid before him, an ever expanding widening road to his true home. Many fear this path of illumination and in so doing forestall the souls progress which is ever present and true. This path is the only one that will lead to redemption of the soul for it is the path of light and it is connected to the path of heart and wisdom. Your Christ, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammad all embodied the path to the greater light of truth. For it is better to go knowing then to sit in oblivion is it not?

The free will of man has always allowed for his own decisions to lead him as he wills it, yet there are those who influence the minds of man who would see that he no longer progress along his true path. It is for each being to determine to walk courageously, and to seek until he finds. These lessons have all been given in a myriad of ways, in all your great religions, and though the words have been turned and sometimes obscured, the path has always been know to those of heart. It is a simple act to look inside. To delve deeply into that which is and to ask how shall I seek this truth of Spirit, my deep within and knowingness. I tell you it is ALL within you at all times. Know thyself and you shall know the Divine in all that is, for you are a reflection of the One true source.

The door of illumination is a template for the souls growth. It is activated through the channels of love and will – the heart and the head. It is our gift to you and yet it is more so your gift to yourselves, as it cannot be activated without your own Divine spark. The divine knowing which each of you possess. So go forth now and open these doors to self-illumination. Seek and you shall indeed find. The matrix has been reactivated and all who walk this path of heart can find their way back home. It is indeed the key to life, the greater life. As above so below. You are children of the light.